Tuesday 100323

Five rounds for time:

9 Hang power clean, 155#/105#

12 Wall ball shots, 20#/14#

15 Kettlebell swings, 24kg/16kg

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It took a lot of help from you, CrossFit Verve, to make the Mountain Sectionals work.

2010 Mountain Sectionals

Cherie and I were asked to host the 2010 Mountain Sectionals in November 2009.  We were so honored to be considered for such an event that we gladly accepted without really thinking twice about it.  What we learned is that it takes a lot of people, a lot of planning, and great attitude to make it happen.  Here's a recap:

Planning started right away – beginning in November.  I got with Skip Miller of Front Range CrossFit to discuss successes and failures he's had in the past, as he's hosted a couple of large scale events.  We nailed down the venue by contacting Captain Jon Barba of Colorado State Patrol Academy and he agreed to allow us to rent his facility for the event.  We got in touch with equipment manufacturers to nail down sponsors and purchase equipment for the event… just the basics – with regular old CrossFit WOD's in mind.

Next we did the smartest thing we could have possibly done – we called on Lisa Ward, CrossFit Verve athlete and all-around pleasant person, to be the Volunteer Coordinator.  She sent out numerous emails getting in contact with people who showed interest in volunteering for the Sectionals.  We worked diligently to fill all the slots necessary to run a safe, fun, and well executed event. 

Lastly, we nailed down the workouts – planning the workouts was much harder than we initially thought.  We wanted to tie together several ideas, testing capacity at monostructural movements like running and rowing, gymnastics skills, and the ability to move heavy loads.  We set our minds on figuring out a way for all athletes to complete the workout without having to stopped, due to time constraints.  Lastly, we wanted to have each workout as balanced as possible – not favoring the big guy or the little guy.  We wanted to test functional capacity, not hold a powerlifting meet.

In the end, over 100 volunteers helped out throughout the weekend – too many to name individually (though I thought about it).  When something popped up, like holes in the wood flooring, or lunch not being provided as promised by Whole Paycheck – our wonderful volunteers came through and had a solution.  All the while, over 200 athletes gave their all on three very demanding WOD's (more about the athletes this week). 

But that's not the end of the story, there were 500+ spectators on site over the duration of the weekend.  The spectators came from near and far to come see their friends and family compete at some weird fitness competition that they know very little about.  They got excited, they yelled their heads off when they watched their athlete… and they also made the event fun. 

A huge thanks to you – CrossFit Verve, for putting up with us.  We've been stressed to the max and much of our time has been focused on the Mountain Sectionals.  But that's done… and now on to bigger and better things.  Boy oh boy, do we have plans for our little gym… CrossFit Verve.


  1. Courtney :

    I heart Crossfit Verve and all the wonderful people who walk through it’s doors.

  2. robyn :

    Ditto to what Courtney said, I can’t imagine a better group of people to be working out with. Sectionals was spectacular, thanks to everyone involved. For my first competition I definitely feel the urge to do more because i had so much fun!

  3. Tim :

    I was one of the volunteers this weekend, and wanted to say what a great job Verve did putting on a large scale event. The event running as smooth as it did is a testament to the planning and people involved. Great job CrossFit Verve!

  4. Dan Y :

    Verve, I love you! Thank you for being a part of my life!

  5. Luke :

    We do have a very special little gym. Thanks for an amazing weekend.

  6. Amanda K. :

    Agreed! Verve is a very sweet place.
    If you’re looking for some more crazy competitive fun, come down to the Tuesday Night Throwdown at the Bovine Metropolis Theater where 2 improv teams face off in a cagematch and the audience gets to pick the champion of the night. I’ll be playing in one of the house teams that opens up the night. Starts at 7pm. $7 bucks.

  7. Greg B :

    I am honored to call myself a member of Verve. With the support and and coaching I know that some day I too will not only have the ability to compete in the crossfit games but I may have a chance at doing well and being proud of who I am. Thanx for everything you all do every day to make that dream possible.

  8. randy :

    thank you matt and cherie for running a top notch event. this was hands down the highlight of my 2 1/2 years of crossfit training and i have zero complaints about this weekend. you all deserve much props and i wish your gym and business much success and blessing for putting up with the high demand of your time and energy. saying thanks doesnt seem like enough

  9. Cherie and Matt, you did an amazing job this weekend, as did all our volunteers and competitors. Verve kicks a-double scribble and I’m stoked to be a part of the CFV-clan.

  10. Jack :

    Little gym? Soon to be not-so-little any more!

  11. James :

    What? What are these plans? Tell me!! I need to know!!!

  12. Ditto on all of the warm & fuzzies above! I’m so honored and thrilled to be a member of the Verve crew! Thanks for welcoming me with such open arms and for encouraging me to keep getting my fanny kicked during awesome WODs – can’t wait for all the upcoming year has in store 😀

  13. Cherie :

    James they invoke chains, squat racks, rings and world domination. You in?

  14. Amanda K. :

    Hey! No show for me tonight with this crazy snow. I’ll letcha know about the next one. Be safe tonight.

  15. James :

    Like Flynn.

  16. Courtney :

    Cherie, I’m not sure about James but I’m game. I wake up and plan to do the same thing I plan every morning. . . to take over the world. It would be nice to involve other people, specifically verve members. . . oh and squat racks, can never have enough squat racks.

  17. Javier :

    Matt and Cherie and the Volunteers,
    You guys did an awesome job putting on a terrific event. The workouts were very well-balanced, the logistics were flawless, the facility top notch. I had great judges, both fair and encouraging throughout.
    Thanks for doing such a great job. I very much enjoyed the experience, sense of community, and overall approach to the event that you guys took.

  18. bk :

    bk 30# wall ball, rest as rx’d 14:49

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