Tuesday 100427

In 25 minutes, reach a 1RM snatch or clean & jerk.

Use as many attempts as necessary to achieve a 1RM.

Post max load to comments.

Congratulations to Jeff Brantley and Catherine Potts for completing their Level 1 this weekend

Liquid Candy – By Nicole Gibson of CrossFit Roots

How many oranges do you think are squeezed into a 16 ounce bottle of all natural, fresh squeezed, not from concentrate orange juice (what many see as a single serving sized bottle)?  1, 2 – how about 4 or 5!  That’s right.  A 16 ounce bottle contains 48 grams of sugar (12 teaspoons!!) and close to zero fiber.  Think of it as drinking liquid candy.  Sugar, processed or natural, is still sugar.  It’s addictive so reach for the real fruit and get the liquid candy out of your life.


  1. Dan :

    Nice guys! how was the cert?

  2. robyn :

    Yeah Potts and Jeff!! Congrats, you rock:)

  3. Joe Cruz :

    Nice work Level 1 elites!
    Hey, if anyone is interested in coming to see the roller derby bout on the 8th at the 1st Bank Center (nee Broomfield Events Center) let me know… it should be a good one as #2 ranked Texecutioners (from Austin) are playing the #3 ranked Denver Mile High Club…

  4. Donna :

    For those working downtown: good cart food at 18th and Curtis.

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