Tuesday 100504

In five minutes , complete the following:

Row 1000m

As many double unders as possible

Rest two minutes and repeat for a total of three rounds.

Post double under total to comments.


Amy, capable of carrying a large load, a long distance, and quickly. 

What is a CrossFit Athlete?

We all watched or played sports growing up.  We were inspired by athletes that seemed larger than life.  They seemed to defy gravity, have no pain, and perform without practice. Now that we're older and wiser, we know that to be a world class athlete takes more than top notch performance on game day.

An athlete is a person trained or gifted in exercises or contests involving physical agility, stamina, or strength.  By definition, CrossFitters are all athletes, which is what makes our program so damn rewarding.  Now that we have grown up and understand what it takes to be a world class athlete, we can find satisfaction by getting a taste of their world through training like them.  By competing against ourselves and our peers on a daily basis and exposing ourselves to a myriad of exercises, we become athletes.  

But what sport do we play?  What exactly are we training for?  We are preparing ourselves to be ready for anything.  If a friend asks you to go climbing, you're ready.  If you need to help out a stranger in an emergency situation, you're ready.  If you need to carry your kid, a 50# bag of dog food, and close the car door, you're ready.  You're an athlete and your arena is life.  Be your best… because every day is game day!

Post April PR's and significant achievements to comments for all to see.


  1. Verve people: POST REGIONALS get-together at Catherine’s haus on Saturday (May 8).
    How about we get started about 3pm (until 8/9’ish or so)? Bring your own beer and a side to share. If you have any thoughts about the time/day, let me know and we can adjust. It’s only appropriate that those who went to Regionals get to celebrate their feats!
    We can either be inside or out depending on the weather. Tell others who might not see this. 🙂

  2. Dan :

    PR of 41 double-unders in a row at regionals.

  3. Tiffany :

    pr of 95# snatch =)

  4. Eric :

    Congrats Matt on qualifying for the 2010 Games (like there was ever any question that you would qualify…) See you L.A.!

  5. Jeff "CueBall" :

    Congrats Dan! Tiff that WOD was awesome to see!

  6. Stef :

    Um, Tiff… Correction on your PR 95# snatch… x20. HOLLA!!! That was seriously badass of you 🙂

  7. Donna :

    Not sure if this has been posted yet. This weekend’s highlights.

  8. Thank you Team Verve for being such an ispiration this weekend!! I was so excited to workout on Monday, then we started the workout…kidding it was AWESOME!! You all rock my tall socks off!! 🙂

  9. Verve rocks! Great video!
    Yo! Are you ready to experience goats? Hey now… not like THAT.
    I’m offering up my digs to for a get-together to celebrate the Regionals badasses. Saturday, May 8th, 3pm’ish. Bring the beer you’d like to drink, a dish to share and a chair in which to sit. Hopefully the weather will be agreeable. If so, we can eat, drink and be merry while witnessing pygmy goat hijinks. If not, we can hang inside with my cat “Bonquiqui.” She’s a tramp and will accept well-intentioned strokes.
    Please leave your pooches at home since mine, although nice, can get a bit crazy. Sides, we’ve got the goat factor and my dogs can barely handle it after a full year!
    I can give the address and email to those who show interest and are not on Facebook. Just let men know. I hate to have address/email just hanging out there if nobody is going to use it.
    Lemme know!

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