Sunday 100606

For time:

21 Burpee hurdle jumps, 24"/20"
21 Ring rows
200 Row/run/jump (50 double unders)

15 Burpee hurdle jumps, 24"/20"
15 Ring rows
400 Row/run/jump (100 double unders)

9 Burpee hurdle jumps, 24"/20"
9 Ring rows
800 Row/run/jump (200 double unders)

You must complete a row, run, or jump rope option for each round.  But it is your choice which movement you want to complete each round.  You will have completed all three movements by the end of the WOD.

Post time to comments.


Dan Young turned a weakness into a strength for the Regionals.


  1. tiff :

    moving tomorrow at 9 or 10 am. i don’t have much stuff, but i do have some items that one person just can’t move on her own. anyone around tomorrow who wants to get sweaty will get rewarded with great karma (i would assume), beer, and sweaty hugs from me. =) give me a call if you wanna help a buddy out!

  2. Greg B :

    Tiff if you had done it today I would have leaped at the chance to help. Alas I am on a plane outta town for the week at 6am. Good luck and let me know when the house warming gathering goes down.

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