Tuesday 100608

Three rounds for time of:
60 seconds L-sit
30 Barbell Good mornings, 45# (33#)
60 Abmat sit-ups
30 Back Extensions, 25# (15#)

For the L-sit, accumulate 60sec. For the Good mornings and Back extensions, minimize rest over speeding the movement. For the Abmat sit-up, feet unanchored with soles together.

Post time to comments.

Who is the Verve ninja

Holly core batman!  Now is your chance to burn those erectors and abs, strengthen that back and practice what we preach.  Don't worry WOD will be scaled appropriately.

Core strength is simply our bodies ability to stabilize us under stress and load.  Mid-line stability = core strength.  The best way to "combat" injury is to continually work to stabilize your mid-line.  Today is a great day to work that weakness and begin to transform it into a strength.  A transformation that will be rewarding in ways that we will never know.  It will prevent some things from happening and make others possible. 


  1. Anna :

    This ninja is Gregg!!! Getting some height on the burpee hurdles on Sunday!!!

  2. Sarah Levenhagen :

    So I was watching Mythbusters last night because I am a nerd…and they proved a myth that yelling swear words increased pain tolerance by 30% no joke…sooooo I will be expecting much more foul langugage from everyone, thank you that is all.

  3. Courtney :

    You’re welcome.
    Love, Courtney

  4. Lisa :

    MountainBuzz(a boaters forum) describes both rafting trip options we have for sunday as “crankin”. Awesome. Please call 970.845.7238 to make your reservation by FRIDAY. I will call for a “head count” tomorrow. Post your questions or concerns. I encourage you to visit http://www.lakotaguides.com for info on the company we are rafting with. The other option we have is “Browns Canyon” at high water. This is an awesome trip, lots of rapids. Normally a Class III but with current water levels would be Class IV. The website says Browns Canyon allows kids 8+. Unfortunately, due to the high water levels kids must be 16+ and good swimmers.

  5. Lisa :

    How is this for a Sunday Funday WOD? This will be YOU:

  6. stef :

    bsh… Lev, like there should be any wonder why I am cussing mid workout?
    But, Matt Chan “The Hulk”, I haven’t heard cuss in a WOD… and he’s the hulk. I need to take notes.

  7. derek :

    I really loved today’s WOD not only cause I got a chance to work on a MAJOR weakness, but also liked the different pace, doing the movements right made you move slower and I felt a great mental workout while doing this one today. I kept telling myself that WODs like this will give me the strength I want and is the key to accomplishing ALL my physical goals. Thanks Cherie and the noon 30 class

  8. Catherine :

    Awwww! I cussed too much and was censored! OK, sorry …

  9. Catherine :

    Today’s WOD was cool. My legs were oddly fatigued after.

  10. I apparently censored myself. Hehe. Never posted my funny cussing dealy. Doh! Off to look for a job…

  11. Joylyn :

    Did this wod today at work with some substitutions, NFT:
    L sit on DB
    Good Mornings with 45#
    Situps with towel roll
    Standing back extensions with DB (thanks Cherie)
    Slow, long workout. Painful….especially after eating paleo spaghetti.

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