Tuesday 100615

In 2:30 (3:00), run 400m and move as much weight overhead as possible.  Only a power snatch or a snatch may be employed as a means of moving load from ground to overhead.  The run must be completed first and the amount of weight loaded on the bar is your choice.

Rest 1:30 and repeat for a total of four rounds.

Post load and strategy to comments.


Arrrrrgh – what's next?!? 

With facebook, myspace, twitter, linkedIn and all the other technology based social networking tools out there, face to face social networking is a thing of the past.  Yet, this weekend 30 of Verve's athletes turned there phones off, moved away from the computer, and allowed themselves a moment of freedom from technology and conquered a class IV section of the Arkansas River known as "The Numbers". 

Not only did each of the Verve athletes survive this time away from the old ball and chain – whether it was their iPhones or MacBooks, they had a great time with eachother.  Many of the athletes had never met, as some were 6am'ers and others were 6:30pm'ers.  But after a short car ride through mixed weather conditions, an hour long trip down the Arkansas, and a couple of pitchers of beer later – they were imitating fish trying to get off a hook… together. 

Most remarkable was what the guides from Lakota told Cherie and I: that if that trip was with any other group, they probably wouldn't have been able to run it.  They mentioned time and time again how easy the trip was due to our strength and level of fitness.  Fuck yeah!  What's next….?


  1. Nick Holmes :

    I’m absolutely loving the wod’s that the Verve is posting!! keep’em comin

  2. Dan Y :

    Yesssss, I love cussing when its heart felt. I also like workout that are sneaky and tear you to shreds when you least expect it. I’m suspicious of this one…
    Heart you Verve… Mean it!!

  3. Why I see a harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd bodied pirrrrate in them thar waterrrrrzzzzz ARRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. James :

    Just to clarify, this is total weight lifted, not max weight lifted, right?

  5. Matt :

    Total load lifted over the four rounds.

  6. derek :

    I am hoping I can run 400m in 2:30 minutes!

  7. Lisa :

    The raft trip this year was run at the highest water level ever run commercially by Lakota River Guides. This was only made possible by an awesome group of locals with the fitness level to handle it. It was…by all accounts, a perfect day on the river. Thanks again to all who braved the Class V drive (rain,sleet,snow that required 4 wheel drive at the tunnel) to get there and didn’t turn around and go home. Anyone can look at the photos from Sunday at http://www.whitewaterphotography.com put in this information:
    Arkansas River
    June 13th
    “The Numbers” section of river
    Lakota River Guides
    Thanks again to all of you for an epic day. My friends at lakota welcome us anytime. Gore Canyon is a class V, the third largest section of whitwater in the country…it runs in August in Kremmling, CO. Anyone ready to go again?

  8. Lisa :

    Tiffany: I think I have your green hat?

  9. I am SOOOO ready to go again…

  10. Brett :

    I’m ready for more!!

  11. kiley bond :

    i’m down to go again!!

  12. Tanja :

    Count us in for August!!! Lisa, if you plan it, Verve will come 😀

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