Tuesday 100801

Complete as many rounds as possible in 5:00 minutes of:

5 Supine ring rows

7 Chest slapping push-ups

9 Jumping squats, 45#

Rest 2:00 and repeat for a total of three rounds.

After each rest, continue exactly where you left off.

Post rounds and additional reps to comments.

Post WOD stretchy stretch…. A necessary evil.


Whoa there… how many syllables does hyperinsulinemia have?  Seriously, that's a mouthful – but what exactly does that big word mean?

Well let's start from the top: hyper.  The hyper prefix indicates an excess amount.  Too much insulin in this case.  Insulin is the hormone release by the pancreas in response to ingestion of carbohydrates.  It allows glucose into the cell to be used as fuel by the body.  Polishing our long fancy word off is the suffix emia.  Whenemia is used as a suffix, it means blood, or refers to the presence of a substance in the blood.  In this case it refers to too much insulin in the blood.  Shit.

Well what's so wrong with a little extra insulin in the blood stream? Over time, whether it be through your genes or through poor dietary choices, your cells become resistant to insulin.  This causes your poor old pancreas to release larger quantities of insulin in order to get that sweet glucose into the cells.  Research is being published daily linking hyperinsulinemia to vast number of diseases, many of which you may know someone to have.  For instance:obesity, high blood pressure, high triglyceride count, immune disorders, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, hyper inflammatory states, and Alzheimer's disease too name a few.

What's truly remarkable about this fancy word and all the diseases associated with it is that it can be reversed.  How?  By eating a diet rich in lean proteins, heart healthy fats, and low glycemic impact carbohydrates you can effectively restore an insulin sensitivity.  Not only should the carbs be low glycemic load, but they should be limited to amounts that ensure a healthy insulin response.   

Curious as to what certain foods glycemic loads are?  Check out the Nutrition Data website.  Want more information?  Come to the Nutrition Workshop that will be held on August 8th at 11am after the pool WOD.  It will be exactly and hour long and will cover Paleo and Zone concepts that will benefit health and performance.  We recommend that everyone interested attend.  You'll learn a ton!


  1. Alan :

    Hey…it’s good to see Jake in that picture! Haven’t seen him around lately!

  2. Matt :

    Hello Everyone,
    Here is the deal. Last year the Colorado Open had 125 athletes compete.
    That is the number we started with for this year’s Open. After 19 days we
    were at 100 athletes. After we cancelled the Affiliate Team comp portion of
    the event, we opened up that number to 150 athletes. It took 4 days for 50
    more people to sign up and sell out the event.
    We certainly would like as many people to be able to compete as possible.
    We recalculated the max number that we can handle for each of the
    individual events. That number is 180 athletes.
    When these last 30 spots fill, we are done. We cannot fit any more people
    into the event. There are 26 people that have emailed me over the past two
    days, trying to get into the Open. If you are reading this, you are one of
    those people. Please click on the link below to sign up. Please do not
    wait. As more people email me, I am going to send them this link, until the
    30 spots are filled.
    Because we have basically increased the size of the event by 50%, we are
    really going to need volunteers. You can really help us with this. If you
    have anyone at your affiliate that would like to help us with this event,
    please have them keep an eye on the FRCF website. We are going to have a
    email link up there in a couple of days that they can click on and email our
    Volunteer Director to help out. Anything that you can do to put the word
    out would be much appreciated. See you in a couple of weeks.

  3. Mike :

    When are the shirts going to be online? Cant wait to get one..

  4. Matt :

    I believe you can purchase the shirts through our MindBody page – simply click “CrossFit Verve Schedule”. Check the online store.
    Don’t miss out on your opportunity to do the Colorado Open – these spots won’t last.

  5. Courtney :

    Dear Matt,
    I really enjoyed the workout yesterday and having the opportunity to try a new skill (2fers). I just finished today’s workout and have but one question, why do you hate me?
    Courtney’s legs 🙂
    Lost some time moving from room to room but got a good sweat in with 11 rounds, great station WOD.

  6. CC :

    Peoples –
    We ran out of a few shirts really fast.
    Women’s S, M t’s and tanks
    Mens XL and XXL
    I have these ordered again and should be here in ten days. I’ll post when they are in.
    Courtney’ legs – Matt hates all of your legs equally 🙂

  7. CC :

    Hey guys –
    Current online order have been filled and are at gym. They will be hard to miss:)
    Thanks CC

  8. Nick Holmes :

    where on the web site do i go to buy a shirt?

  9. Nick Holmes :

    woops, i see now

  10. Donna :

    Where is the nutrition workshop being held? Pool? Verve?

  11. Greg B. :

    Any of the new shirts going to be ordered in XXL I will payin advance…

  12. Donna :

    Sorry I had to post this article on the dangers of getting skin infections at the gym. Why do they write this stuff? Herpes and ringworm? Gross.
    Recreational athletes as well as participants in organized sports are prone to fungal, viral and bacterial skin infections. Sweat, abrasion and direct or indirect contact with the lesions and secretions of others combine to make every athlete’s skin vulnerable to a host of problems. While MRSA may be the most serious skin infection, athlete’s foot, jock itch, boils, impetigo, herpes simplex and ringworm, among others, are not exactly fun or attractive.

  13. I’d like to be able to try on the largest chick shirt/tank just to see where I’m at in case I’d like to purchase. Possible? The ladies shirts seem to run small. Might have to do the men’s medium still.
    Oh and wow on the 2-fers. Wow. I got better but my mug took it from a 14# wall ball before I got it. Didn’t break my mug, TG. hehe… Fun to learn new things 🙂

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