Tuesday 100810

"Tabata Something Else" 

With a continuously running clock, complete 32 intervals of 20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest.  The first 8 intervals are pull ups, the second 8 are push ups, the third 8 are sit ups, and the last 8 are squats.  There is no rest between exercises.

Last done August 11th 2009February 12th 2009 and November 13th 2008.

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Dawn getting her elbows high and outside, hum where have we heard that before?

"Don't your friends think you're crazy?" – Barbara Walters to Collin Beavan in reference to his "no impact project"

We live in a disposable society.  We change the things that are convenient for us to change.  What would happen if we took a year away from all the luxuries of our modern world?

It is wonderful when we find something that inspires us. Sometimes it's hard to believe that our individual actions can have a big impact on the issues around us. Well here is a story of a New York family that decided to sacrifice their carbon footprint to see if they could do just that, effect change.  

No Impact Man – Collin Beavan


  1. Dan Y :

    cool video. very inspiring. I would think they’d put the movie online for free though… too bad.

  2. Dan Y :

    So I looked up prices. It’s 23.99 on their website, 23.49 on amazon for new and about 6 bucks for used. and if you buy used, you’re reducing your footprint by reusing… again though, if they were really about teaching people reduce their no impact, they would have put this thing online for free and package-less.

  3. Blake :

    Does this mean there will be a compost garden at the new site? I have lots of refuse that is just collecting in my roommates room and she is not thrilled that it is still sitting there.

  4. CC :

    Dan – I watched it on instant play netflix, no packaging and no additional fee, (that I don’t already pay to watch movies), just steamed onto my computer.

  5. greg b :

    So Cherie did his wife kill from Starbucks withdrawl? And what is your review? Give it a grade. is it worth it or is it simply entertaining?

  6. CC :

    Yes worth it. Wife almost killed, it was really nice to see a realistic attempt at how no impact would affect a family

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