Tuesday 100824

Complete 10 rounds for time of:
5 Handstand Push-ups
5 “L” Pull-ups

Parallettes should be used when possible on the handstand push-ups. On “L” pull-ups heels don’t fall below butt and legs remain straight.

Post time to comments.

Rob, completing his first WOD "AS RX'd",  way to go Rob!  

Metro Dash anyone?  We've been hearing a lot about this and with everyone having such a blast at the warrior dash (I mean seriously did you see those pictures?), let's do it!  This is not a race, it is a challenge.  There are already six Verve athletes signed up, post to comments when you register.

Info on Metro Dash
Are you ready to confront your limits?  This isn't a timed challenge, and there are no winners and no loser.  The only reward will be finishing as a team and knowing we pushed ourselves as hard as we could.

Athletes: 200 (Metro Dash will sell out, so sign up early to ensure your spot!)
Entry fees: Regular – $60, SEAL Supporter – $50 
Registration closes: 9/17/10
Event date: 9/25/10
Team name: Verve

The challenge:  Prior to the Metro Dash Challenge competitors will receive a list of 5-7 challenge points. While competitors are required to go to these points in the order listed, it is up to them to determine the fastest route between points. Competitors will navigate from point to point completing various physical challenges.

Their philosophy: We create hardcore, bare bones events that push competitors beyond their limits both mentally and physically. You won’t find a 50-tent expo at the finish line, nor will you find a huge after party. Metro Dash is about you and your ability to conquer an extremely grueling course. Metro Dash is not a race; it is a challenge. There are no places, no times, and no awards. It’s just you and your ability to push yourself as hard and as fast as possible. You only have yourself to cheat. If you are concerned with times and places, this challenge isn’t for you.

Who is a Dasher:  A Metro Dasher is a person who laughs in the face of adversity, who is ready and willing when most others would run away, and who knows that the only way to success lies in hard work, sweat, and pain. A Dasher isn’t concerned with place, time, or status. A Dasher would rather help a competitor complete a challenge than finish first. A Dasher will do the right thing even when nobody is watching, won’t complain, and above all else will never quit.

Start location: TBD 
Competitor check-in: 8:00 am
Mandatory pre-challenge announcements: 8:45 am
Start time: 9:00 am

Website to register: Here


  1. tiff :

    i’m in =)

  2. Cherie :

    Matt and I are in ;-/

  3. Slaughter :

    Was thinking about it – might be doing silly things out of airplanes in MOAB though- will check.
    What is the RxD parallete HSPU depth? in inches below top of parallete?

  4. McKenna :

    Hell yeah to rob, 1st of many more to come!

  5. Dom :

    Fun Workout today!! I love to see everyone working on things they are not so good at, then to find they are improving. Yayy!! That’s what it is all about. Great job today everyone.

  6. CONGRATS ROB!!!!!!!!!

  7. On another note: I’m torn on the MD b/c I don’t want to hold the team back (if we are all to help-and run very fast). Iffy.

  8. Blake :

    Metro Dash is going to be a blast, great workout, great cause; what could be better?

  9. Cat :

    OK. Registered! No fear!

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