Tuesday 100831

As many rounds as possible in 7:00 minutes:

Row 15 calories

15 Burpees

Post rounds and fractions to comments. 

The competitors and Lev (the future competitor). 

Congrats to all who competed this weekend!

This past weekend was a blast.  Thanks to Front Range CrossFit for hosting this event and allowing us to exercise our competitive spirits.  Thanks also to all the cheering fans who came out during their hard earned weekend to cheer us on.  The Verve community strikes again.

Highlights:  Sara Lev and Tiffany made custom shirts and posters, which they proceeded to post ALL over the event ("Do you smell what the VERVE is cookin'). Courtney and Robyn not only did 105# power cleans (42 times), but also 145# back squats. Mike McKenna met his goal of getting in the top half of the competition.  Robyn remembered to pull up her knee highs before the tire flip event began.  Domoni took 1st place in the BS/PU couplet.  Blake finished WOD #2 with 30 seconds to spare and brought the crowd to it's feet.  Catherine inspired every Verve athlete in attendance. Emmalee never stopped smiling.  Andy apologized for not going faster and for having to break the last WOD.  Anna had perfect form.  Robyn smoked her heat in the last event followed closely by Catherine.  Andy's max back squat was 235# a few months ago and this weekend he completed 20 reps at 225#.  Mike flipped the tire/ran in 44 seconds.  Emmalee and Cherie were able to do a 60 second shoe trade between heats. Jack tryed to buy a 32kg KB and switched it for a 24kg.  The Godinez BBQ.  Hands were torn, noses ran, throats coughed and sweat was pored.  But the biggest success of the weekend was that ALL and I mean ALL 10 Verve competitors completed all the workouts as RX'd.  Not one modification was made by any of the athletes.  STRONG WORK VERVE!

The Results:
Men: Andy 27th, M&M 41st, Blake 61st (total male competitors 86)
Ladies: Cherie 4th, Emmalee 8th, Anna 13th, Domoni 23rd, Robyn 30th, Courtney 34th and Catherine 36th (total female competitors 78)

Next event: not for time, no winners, no trophy, The Metro Dash!  We already have 11 team members, will you be 12?

Road Trip: Hit Colorado Springs for the 2010 CrossFit/USAW Weightlifting Open - 
video [wmv] [mov]

WHO WANTS TO WORK OUT ON LABOR DAY?  If you will be there we will have classes, post to comments if yes and what time, we may just hold morning classes.


  1. Jack :

    Bahaha Thanks for the shout out!! Great work everybody who competed! You are rad.

  2. Nat :

    Great job competitors! You all kicked butt. On another note, I would def. be down to do a WOD on labor day.

  3. Oh crap, the photo totally gives it away – we ARE the hot CrossFit gym, aren’t we!?!
    Such fun peeps – I was inspired beyond explanation and expectation 😀
    I’d be down for a Labor Day WOD tambien…

  4. Andy G. :

    Its great to see you are still crushing it Dom! We miss you back in VA Beach!
    Andy from TakeOver

  5. Slaughter :

    If that group was any hotter my eyeballs would instantaneously combust and burn out the ganglion cells behind my retinas by witnessing the pure awesomeness and attractiveness for which the group emits.
    If I am here (which is a high possibility) I will workout.
    P.S. There is no charge for awesomeness….. or attractiveness…. 😛

  6. Amanda K. :

    Amazing group of people and athletes! Congrats to all you badasses!

  7. robyn :

    I would like to see a WOD on Labor day, prefer 8am or 9am if you do a special class, but please don’t make me get up at 6 or 7:)
    Oh and that was the most awesome weekend ever and I can’t wait to see what sectionals brings….i bet even more awesomeness!

  8. I’ll do a Labor Day WOD 🙂

  9. Blake :

    I’m in for a Labor Day WOD assuming I have full use of my body by then.

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