Tuesday 100907

Three rounds for time:

400m Run

21 Wall ball shots, 20#/14#

12 Supine ring rows

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Colorado Open WOD #3 – By Chris Slaughter

Colorado Open Event #3

For time:
5 Tire flips, 500#/350#
100m Sprint
5 Tire flips, 500#/350#

At first glance, this event frightened many of our athletes who were competing.  Why?  Well yes, the weight of the tires are fairly intimidating.  But more so because many of them have never flipped a tire in their life.  Surely, there is technique to flipping a tire, but in reality we complete this movement all the time. 

You see, the movements that we perform in the gym have a few things in common.  We label them as being functional because they mimic universal motor recruitment patterns.  In other words, the movements that we perform in the gym prepare you thoroughly for the movements required by life – which may include flipping a 500# tire. 

So although many of these athletes have never performed a tire flip in their lives, they have deadlifted and power cleaned more reps then they care to count.  These movements prepared them for flipping heavy tires… and they killed it confidently!


  1. Blake :

    If one looks closely they can see me say, “should’ve gone with the 350# tire.”

  2. Slaughter :

    LoL blake you killed it! It was awesome I love the jump through to the sprint.

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