Tuesday 100914

Three rounds, 15 - 12 - 9 reps for time of:

Back squat, 155#/105#

Run 400m

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Caitlin moving a large load, a long distance, quickly and stylishly.

Finer Points of High Rep Back Squats

Let's address the set-up first.  When squatting, we want you to take a moderate width stance with your heels under your shoulders.  Because the squat is a posterior chain exercise, we strive to engage the glutes and hamstrings by keeping the weight in the heels through the duration of each rep.  In a standing position with the bar on your back, your hands should be in nice and tight so that you can pull your elbows in towards your midsection and engage the upper back muscles. 

Once you're set and ready to start repping out some squats,begin the movement by engaging your midsection and keeping your spine in a neutral position.  You can do this by taking a big deep breath, which you'll push down into your belly – keeping it nice and big (and tight).  Initiate the squat by sending your hips back and down, loading the hammies and glutes.  Keep your chest tall and head neutral as you squat to depth keeping your knees out tracking over your feet.  Once the crease of your hip drops below the height of your knee, continue to drive our knees out as you press through your heels until you reach a standing position.  Now exhale and repeat the process.


  1. Mr. White :

    Oh, come on people, 9pm and no one’s put their $.02 worth in yet!
    Give it up for the most stylish press yet!

  2. Joylyn :

    Caitlin–great pic, and even better PR! Way too put some serious weight overhead, all while being perfectly color coordinated. But the best part is the grin on your face, you are gettin’ STRONG! Congrats!

  3. Joylyn :

    BTW–Dear 5:30pm class, THANK YOU for your “enthusiasm” and your own fashion extravaganza this fine evening. Much appreciated and loved by all in attendance. You stay classy boys!

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