Tuesday 100921

For time:

30 muscle ups

If you can not complete a muscle up do 60 banded muscles ups. Where the band is attached above (pull-up bar), then wrapped around your booty.  Start in a locked out position leaning back.

Post time to comments.

Eating zone can be easy! 

Three block dinner made easy

3oz Cooked roast
1 Peach
9 Almonds
12 Asparagus
1cup Sauteed peppers and onions

Vola, there are no excuses!

What an amazing display of PR's today.  Check out the boards.  Remember if you did not get in today to do the total, tonight and Thursday night at 7:30pm you can make it up.

9.2010total 9.2010total2
Amazing lifting everyone!  


  1. Blake :

    Green band, check.
    Did everyone get their Metro Dash email with the events? Going to be epic! Cherie/Matt can we arange for shirts that say “Body by Chan” on them?

  2. Matt :

    We cannot arrange for that… thank goodness.

  3. McKenna :

    Blake you’re taking credit for my saying! I say iron it on, regardless of Matt’s wishes

  4. I think it’s awesome that Joylyn/Mas put “The Dude.” He’s muh dude! Yesterday was a great day @ Verve. Thanks guys! Can’t wait for the Metro Dash this weekend!

  5. Blake :

    McKenna, I wont steal your tunder. Matt, I am going to hobby lobby now for iron on materials.

  6. Slaughter :

    You guys are great LoL.
    Heavy lifting makes me tired LoL. Glad it’s an easy WOD today…… yea right 😀 BRING IT ON. Oh it’s already been broughtten, oh bring it on again!
    Ok i’m done talking to myself see you at 4:30 with my body by chan shirt.

  7. Matt :

    6:08 w/ “true” grip MU’s. First time completing this WOD without a false grip. 3’s to 18. 1’s after that – yikes! 15 completed in 1:27.

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