Tuesday 100928


21 – 15 – 9 reps for time of:
Deadlift 225# (150#)
Handstand push-ups

Compare to September 2009.

Post time to comments.

Jake, one of the few to complete "Mary" as prescribed yesterday, amazing really!

Someone said to Voltaire, "Life is hard." Voltaire replied, "Compared to what?"

Many of you saw this posted to comments yesterday.  When I saw it on the main-site, it hit a serious chord.  It seems like in life we go through periods where things seem "hard", or negative, impossible, defeating, derailing, and collapsed.  We feel weak, thrashed, overcome, betrayed, disappointed and frustrated, no one can escape these feelings.  Not one person walking around, hasn't felt them.

If CrossFit has taught me anything, it's that we are all essentially the same.  My pain and turmoil is no greater then yours and your battle is no more serious then mine.  In order to achieve the victory we all seek in our lives, we have to go through these battles. Without the battle, the victory does not follow and life becomes mundane, predictable and underwhelming.  

The difference come from the people we choose to surround ourselves with, whether we take responsibility for what we have created in our lives.  The difference comes from who we become when we feel overcome and the difference comes in how we follow through with our dreams. If we choose to be active in our futures, health, dreams and love, the pendulum has no choice but to swing the other way.  

Next time we are feeling any of these things, look around and ask yourself if life is hard, compared to what? 


  1. Chris :

    Well put, puts things in a bit of perspective, needed that. I’m glad I read this and am also glad to be back in the world of The Crossfit Verve!

  2. Stef :

    Dear Verve…. I’m taking it to that level… I love you! Ha. Seriously, great people! Love that you bring perspective within life in correlation to the encounters/challenges at the gym 🙂 Good people.

  3. derek :

    Jake = awesome!

  4. Matt Chan :

    Anyone who is interested in going down for the USAW/CF meet this weekend, which I hope you are, CrossFit is looking for volunteers to help out with the event. We have a handful of athletes competing under the CrossFit Verve WLC umbrella – so come support them!
    If you’re interested in volunteering any of the 3 days (Fri-Sun), get a hold of me and I’ll put you in touch with the powers that be.
    Jake does in fact = awesome.

  5. Slaughter :

    Linda Leipper contacted me last week about what some people may have seen/heard about from the Games or the Journal – “Amazing Grace” workout for barbells for boobs.
    Wanted to see if anybody would be interested in doing this, the minimum contribution is $35, which I think is pretty acceptable. It can be done any day in October, just wanted to see if there was enough interest to make it happen.
    I’m a really big fan of boobs personally.

  6. Jen :

    Do we have to wear ‘leotards’ if we volunteer? Not such a fan of the unitard…
    I would do the Barbells for Boobs workout-I have them.

  7. Matt :

    Anyone that’s interested in volunteering – call me 720-425-4897

  8. Sarah Lev :

    Slaughter I would love to do the boob thing, even though I was not graced with a large pair all my own I still love them!! Give me details and I could probably get a lot of donations, have a family friend who survived!!!
    I will be down in the Springs cheering this weekend so be prepared, who knows maybe another shirt is in the works….

  9. Anna :

    Awesome Post, neagtivity is BAD. I love reading this, makes me think happy thoughts.
    Anyone have room in thier car for me, would love to carpool to meet on Saturday. I solo, So lemme know!

  10. Blake :

    My Saturday just cleared out so I’ll be heading down as well. Carpool, anyone?

  11. Alan :

    Heck…if it wasn’t for boobs, I probably would not have my part-time job! =P Hell…I’m a Boob! Count me in!

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