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Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

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Matt Chan, 1st Place 94kg Division and overall Event Champion, 2010 USAW/CrossFit Open. (Couldn't help it, had to post the main-site photo – CC)

Checking Your Head in the Game.

I heard a quote; "There is trained and untrained", by Olympian Casey Burgener, when commenting on how he deals with the pressures of game day.  He said, nothing should matter, you should be able to wake up and perform no matter if you woke up feeling like dog crap or not.  This is because you are either trained or untrained.  I have ran this quote over and over in my head, realizing that it is a bit of a linguistic holy grail.   So many times athletes want to do better, they continue to put themselves through psychological warfare.  Realizing it will not help, only blunt progress, but they do it just the same, and why?  

When hearing Casey quote this, I also realized what he meant when he said trained, he was not talking about six month, 1 year or even 4 years.   He's an Olympian for goodness sake, he's talking about 10, 12, 15 years of training to prepare him for game day.  For some that training comes in many forms even a variety of sports, for others it is sticking to one discipline and committing long enough to see success.  It is in my experience that those who succeed are not always the most talented, lucky, or genetically gifted.  It is those that are relentless to their goal, health, love, fitness, skill or sport.  Those that put in the years, rack up the mileage, forget about small "failures" and celebrate when years later those turn into successes.

It's a hard pill for us CrossFitters to swallow.  We want it all and we want it all NOW.  I say to that, there is trained and there is untrained, which do you want to be?


  1. Jack :

    This really resonates with me. Thanks for the post. I know it wasn’t for me, but it struck a chord with me. So thanks…

  2. Love this post! Simple as that…trained or untrained…nuff said! Matt-congrats on your performance. Beast man, Beast.

  3. Heather S :

    Super! Congratulations to all the Verve Athletes! Matt, now I see what you mean by “elbows up!!” You are a fantastic mentor & coach! 🙂

  4. Blake :

    Great post Cherie. With the trainers at Verve its easy for me to stay motivated and continue to come in and push myself every day.

  5. Potts :

    Awesome! I covet thy form and depth! Excellent work Ververs! I totally agree that where the mind goes, the body follows. If your head is in the game, generally, the body will follow. Humans are a crazy kinda beast in this way.
    I love how you guys help your athletes find this out by encouraging us to keep going. You push us in the best way and that really makes us WANT it even more. You help keep the mind in a good place by minimizing the allowance of negative thought/talk and concentrate on moving forward. This structure really works for me. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.
    Ververs ALWAYS have superior form to other gyms because we have the best trainers who expect and encourage doing things correct (but moreso, safely). Superior form plus a good a good brain=success. Just look at how awesome our peeps did this weekend! SO PROUD!!!!

  6. ALVIN :

    Awesome!!! way to go Matt, your my freaking hero bro. CC I was at the Level 1 Cert. in Texas that you and Matt help instruct/ coach. I was the guy that told you I visited Verve, and Matt was my hero. Anyway, loved the posted well said. You Chan’s ROCK!! Keep up the great work!

  7. Justin :

    Congrats Matt. That is awesome work.

  8. Dan Y :

    Wow, very cool post. It actually goes really well with an article I just read a couple days ago. It was about how IQ and Talent don’t seem to go too far in when trying to predict somebody’s success in any sort of field. What does is exactly what your post keys upon and they termed “Grit”.
    The Truth About Grit:

  9. Matt :

    PR @ 505#! Accessory work after: 3×10 reverse hypers @ 180#, 3×8 glute ham raises, 3×30 rep box jumps (20″) 1:00 rest.
    Felt like I had more, but was saving room for a PR next time.

  10. Mary :


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