Tuesday 101221

Floor press

3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

All at 40% plus chains, with a moderate grip.  Dynamic effort required. 

Post load(s) to comments.



John with an exceptional overhead position.

Method to our madness

CrossFit might seem very sporadic in the programming at times.  Be it: multiple days of met-con’s , heavy lifting days, or long runs or rows.  But the truth is that it is not random at all, but very specific programming meant to set you up for athletic success.  CrossFit wants to keep your body guessing and good at everything.  We are creatures of habit.  Example: when you wake up you have a schedule of things that need to get done before you leave for work.  Day after day you do these routines and they soon become second nature.  After they become second nature you get bored.  Well, this happens physiologically also, when you are on a “bi’s/tri’s one day, and chest/back the next day programming” that some of us used to do.  We thought it was great and saw results for a little bit, then it became mundane, boring and results were a struggle, right?  At least it did for us.  

That is what makes CrossFit so different.  CrossFit is designed so you specialize in nothing, but you can do everything well.  When people specialize i.e. weightlifting, their cardio-respiratory endurance often suffers.  Vice versa, a marathon runner will be lean and have a high cardio-respiratory endurance, but their overall strength including bone density is very low.  Well we want both strength and cardio-respiratory endurance and we want you to be able to handle anything that life throws at you!

So how do you know if you are making progress?  CrossFit’s efficacy is based on the fact the programming is measurable, observable, and repeatable through data.  This data includes increased reps on AMRAP’s, increased weight on max lifts, decrease in times for met-con’s.  The bottom line is we need to keep a record.  Whether it’s in your Verve journal at the gym, your own book at home, beyondthewhiteboard.com (you can log WODs, food, weight), or on our very own home VERVE site  (hint, hint).  The benefit of logging times/loads on Verve is that any time the WOD comes up again, we put a link to the last time we did it.  If you put your results up, you will have easy access to compare to.  No matter what you choose, please keep track of your progress.  So when you are feeling like you are in a rut, we have evidence either for or against and can plan accordingly! 


  1. CueBall :

    Love Dynamic Days, feel like a beast throwin weights around, almost like a mini Matt Chan!
    Did 105# plus chains
    Dips, BW/Red/Red(broken)/Blue(broken)

  2. Jer :

    No chains available, so I did what I can only assume would be this WOD’s troglodyte spawn: Bench Press w/25#, 40# and 60# bands, 115# at 3×3 for each band setting. Dropsets at 135# (20 reps), 115# (25 reps) & 95# (20 reps- smoked). Followed with two burnout sets of triangle pushups; 15 & 15.

  3. Matt- will I get huger if I take the CEE? My thighs are ridiculous. Also, what pill-form brand do you take/suggest?

  4. greg b :

    Hey where on the Verve can I log my progress… I am getting reenergized for a new year and a new attitude..

  5. Mas :

    Congratulations to Blake and Dr. Mark for getting their first muscle ups!!! You guys made it look easy.
    Greg, put your times right here________. That way you can look back in the comments to reference.

  6. James :

    The problem with posting to comments is that it isn’t searchable. Surely one of our members can design a searchable database for the website?
    (knows nothing about the Internet and thinks there are tiny elves in his iPhone that make pretty pictures appear)

  7. Erin :

    It looks like Verve could sign up and get unlimited members for $125. Would it be too much work to post the WOD twice? If not, I’d be happy to make that my Christmas gift to myself! Might motivate me to track SOMETHING for once!

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