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Snatch balance 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

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H.K working hard to open up that tight shoulder angle, keep those ribs locked.

Once again I am reminded of why I appreciate CrossFit in my life, because I need to always seek the truth especially as it pertains to my health and fitness.  While hitting the main page tonight there is a link to a chat with Coach Greg Glassman.  In it, he reminds me why I follow, lead and explore right along side the CrossFit bandwagon.  

CrossFit isn't attached to their method and definition of fitness, they only seek the truth about health and fitness, if that changes the way we do things so be it, we get better.  In the chat, Glassman states that science never proves anything.  He is exactly right.  Science explains and continues to explain until it is disproved.  Science is all about theroy and disproving.  The minute you try to prove something as a scientist you are now bias and could influence the outcome.  This is how the fat myth happened, add money and a need to prove something and you no longer have the truth.  

CrossFit seeks to answer the question; "How do we achieve the healthiest and fittest athletes and humans".  If a method, movement or theory doesn't work, guess what we throw that piece away – no one ever found anything great by never screwing up.  I've seen this happen many times over the time I've been an instructor at the level 1's.  We hit the head meeting pre course and the flow master lets us know how, why and what may have changed.  We seek, look, discover and analyze, CrossFit is constantly changing and always getting better.  We do that by having an enormous community of professionals giving their input and experiences.  

CrossFit IS one big scientific fitness experiment.  Collecting more data on fitness then can be found anywhere else. Giving explanations where none were before, expanding our knowledge and increasing our social network to what I would call a second family.  I have a friend who calls it the tribe!  We have yet to find a better definition then; Constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensity. It's measurable, observable and repeatable.  While most athletes don't even care about all that because the truth is it works and we can prove it with your own personal data.

"Defining CrossFit" with Greg Glassman, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]


  1. Dan Y :

    It amazes me how much energy and resource are put into Verve’s posts. Seriously… and for years now. much love.

  2. JMiller :

    I’m going to preface this by saying I’m sure i will catch some flack by many of you, but…I really am missing programming that involved many more MetCon WOD’s. I understand the importance of getting strong but I feel that the 1-1-1’s or 3-3-3’s are becoming excessive. I miss the old programming. Our trainers are too good to be following the main site and have much more to offer. I say this with all the love to the Verve family and don’t want to portray any ill feelings towards anyone.

  3. donna :

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  4. Caitlin :

    Donna, do you do karate?

  5. d :

    Are you suddenly afraid of me?

  6. Matt :

    Unfortunately I’m going to have to disagree that we do too much work in the phosphocreatine energy system. In order to improve and build strength we must be exposed to the stimulus. Working in the glycolytic energy system alone would cause us to adapt to that stimulus. Sure it might be more fun to do the sexy metcons that make you breath hard and leave your muscles fatigued beyond belief, but you more that anyone should know that expecting that from your body on day-to-day basis will undoubtedly result in overtraining or injuries.
    Also, I appreciate your comment about talented trainers w/ excellent programming. But again, I’m going to have to disagree with you. Nobody programs better than the man who created CF and that’s why we follow the main site. Who knows, we’ll probably change that. But remember: CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity. A 1RM deadlift has amazing power output (intensity), as does Fran. Constantly varied does not only apply to the movements, but also the loading and duration.
    What I tend to see is that many people do not attend heavy days, which is a shame. Because of MindBody, we are able to check our athlete’s visit history and watch which athletes gravitate towards metcons, which ignore heavy days, and which stay away from running (monostructural) days. Do you fit in any of these categories? One thing’s for sure, we appreciate the feedback. It will certainly be taken into consideration.

  7. Slaughter :

    If you’ve got 20 minutes to burn- I highly recommend this presentation. Had a big discussion over christmas with my sister about some things related to health and “intimidation” and thought this summed up a lot of stuff quite nicely.

  8. Slaughter :

    I like the concerns, when we stop questioning what we’re doing we stop improving.
    Is it purely a frequency of these type of workouts or just a percentage of your own training days fall on these types of workouts? If so what is that percentage? How does that relate to the percentage of which these days occur to the overall total of workouts? (e.g. 10 days out of 30 total days of workouts for the month are 3-3-3-3 or 1-1-1-1 and are 30% of the total workouts in a given month)

  9. Cherie :

    J- No hurt feelings here. I personally love to hear peoples thoughts, opinions and more importantly results.
    I would love to hear more form people on this subject. So if you’re reading these comments and have an opinion or a result that you’ve tracked, please chime in.

  10. James :

    I think Jason’s a wuss and he should man up and lift some weight.
    Personally, I love following mainsite and I love lifting heavy. I actually feel like we haven’t done that much strength work – probably because I’ve missed all the days when Jason was working out.
    I don’t understand how one can really adopt the “science” of programming when you have so many people on so many different schedules. My recollection is that when we were doing 5/3/1 you geared the workouts to those people who worked out M-W and Friday, Saturday. Is that still the case?

  11. Blake :

    I would be inclined to agree with Jason’s comments about missing the old programing. That being said, I understand where Matt is coming from and begrudgingly admit he makes a good point. Is there an in between? I mean would it be possible on some metcon days to pull from the style that Verve used to have?

  12. JMiller :

    I certainly understand that in order to improve we need to work in all 3 of the energy systems (Aerobic included). With that said, I have been subject to injury in all 3 of the categories, most notably during a 1RM… its all about moderation and knowing your limits. Present research suggests that the optimal design of strength training programs, for resistance-trained athletes, involves performing at a moderate volume (60-80%). This has shown to be more effective and efficient than performing at lower (<60%) or higher volumes (90-100%). Thus, I feel the 1RM should be used as a benchmark rather than a WOD.
    As far as the programming is concerned, I miss the creativity that used to exist. Verve is leader in the CF community and we should show that through innovation.
    In the end, training and the methods that accompany such, come down to what one's goals may be; whether it be loosing weight, to live a healthier life, or to compete in the next competition. We are all here at Verve for one or all of these reasons... or even another.
    Ill get off my "Plyo Box" now... thanks for listening.

  13. On another note: I’d love to try the belt squatting like the picture from Westside Barbell on the main site: http://www.crossfit.com/
    Too cool. That chick looks like an animal.

  14. Matt :

    I am with you that aspects of strength, specifically speed-strength, can be optimally developed at lower percentages. This is the basis of the Westside Barbell programming. Unfortunately, absolute strength must developed with loads 80% or above (assuming 1 rep scheme). If you have studies showing otherwise, please send them to me.
    Again, I appreciate your input, expertise, and feedback. This is how we’ll improve the CrossFit program/programming. Remember, results based fitness must be factual and data driven. Over the last year I have taken it upon myself, along with Cherie, Mas, Joylyn, and friends from around the country, to test the best ways to develop strength utilizing WSBB methods. I think we have established a strength program that is going to prove very effective. But, it must be completed in addition to our WOD’s. Otherwise, we become specialized weightlifters.
    That said, your trainers fully recognize that our athletes like metcons more than heavy days or running only days. Will metcons make you fitter? Absolutely! Is doing metcons only a good idea? Absolutely not, because that’s not all life demands. But, in the new space we’ll have the ability to have specialized programs and the space that might allow us to please the masses. Bueno? We’ll chat about this at tonight’s trainer meeting.
    Thanks again.

  15. Matt :

    Snatch balance:
    185, 225, 255, 275X, 270, 280, 285PR
    Fun skill/WL day!

  16. Jake :

    Snatcher balance:
    125,135,135,140,145, 150PR ,135..ya-hoo.
    just wod it.

  17. Joylyn :

    Snatch balance 85-90-95-100-105-110-115-120(bonus round)
    Had fun today, especially with a little less “heave” and more “drop”….definitely a mental fight to get under it right away fast.
    Re: programming discussion…..Personally, I think we get a little of the best of both worlds with the current programming. We get the benefit of CF mainsite on Mon/Tues/Weds and Fri/Sat, and we get the artful, well-thought out skillful programming from our trainers on Sundays/Thursdays (geared specifically to our athletes needs.)
    It seems reasonably balanced across all pathways and modalities. Sometimes injury is a result of life, sometimes of fun, sometimes of work–but it does happen. I think it’s important to remember that when we neglect an area for a period of time, if we aren’t careful we put ourselves at higher risk for injury.
    When I last hurt my back, I was scared to DL heavy again for a while, but I also had to commit to practicing form, eventually with heavy weight again all the while progressing through my rehab plan. I can’t ever neglect lifting heavy weight off the floor, because I have to do that almost every day at work…..picking people up off the floor when they can’t do that themselves. And that’s why I’ll keep trying to improve my fitness across all modalities, so that I can hopefully not ever have to need someone else to do it for me.
    That’s my humble opinion….discuss amongst yourselves 🙂

  18. Cherie :

    Stoked to do more and make more peeps happy with bigger space!
    103, 123, 133, 138, 148x, 148, 153
    Stoked to get a PR

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