Tuesday 110104

Seven rounds for time:

Run 100m

7 Squat cleans, 115#/75#

7 Chest slapping push-ups

I'll miss you little Verve.

Location Change!

Thanks to the hard work of countless individuals, Verve's new home is ready for you. From 9am to 10pm for two days, we taped, rolled and unrolled flooring, painted, built platforms, constructed pull-up bars, and moved equipment.  We ate lunch together, got to know one another, and spent time building our community.  We said goodbye to our 1,000sqft space on 38th, where we spent the last two years getting to know you.  Even more exciting, we started a new Foundations and had our first workout at the new space.

The new space in all it's glory.

The new space is located at:
3350 Walnut St.
Denver, CO 80205


  1. Nicole :

    Yea Team Verve! The new space looks GORGEOUS. Make it proud today during the first workouts!

  2. Nate Whitman :

    Congrats Verve! New space looks awesome.

  3. James :

    Love the new space, but it needs more sweat angels.

  4. Um, I gotta say the VERVE on the wall is so awesome it’s not even funny. Excellent work Alan!!!
    Can’t wait to workout in the new joint. Not sure what I’ll do with elbow room. That’s weird. It’ll take getting used to not having someone’s sweaty butt in my face when deadlifting.

  5. Amanda K. :

    Thanks Em for my first workout in the new space. Thanks for staying close to me at the end. I needed it.

  6. Ron :

    Great job guys. Needs a chalk/tape outline of the old space layout.

  7. Slaughter :

    this place makes me all antsy in my…… muscles!

  8. Kim Hagger :

    New Space looks great! Congrats, Verve!

  9. Monique :

    Bye little Verve. Super excited about the new space!

  10. Leslie :

    Looks great- can’t wait. See yall tonight 🙂

  11. heather :

    Bummer I missed the last workouts at the “little Verve!” I am psyched for the new and beautiful one!

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