Tuesday 110117

2008 CrossFit Games Final WOD

30 Squat clean & jerks for time, 155#/105#

The barbell must go from ground to overhead passing through a front squat, in which the crease of the hip passes below the depth of the kneecap.  The finish is with the arms and hips fully extended, with a portion of the ear visible from a profile view.  

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Hot dogs and cup cakes is in full swing, how's everyones bodies feeling?

 Why a Minimum of 3 Grams?

As you well know by now, you lose one point every day that your fish oil consumption falls below 3 grams (of EPA/DHA).  But why do we place this emphasis on fish oil and not any of the other supplements that we've recommended to assist with performance and recovery?  

Try this on for size: aside from preventing coronary heart disease, reducing sudden death cardiac arryhythmia, reducing high blood pressure, and reducing unhealthy blood clotting, fish oil also improves athletic performance.  This increase in performance is attributed to fish oil for two different reasons.  

First, the Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil have anti-inflammatory properties that are unmatched.  The damage we cause to our muscles while CrossFitting causes inflammation throughout the body.  Because we are suggesting you workout a minimum of 3 days a week (we recommend 5-6), this inflammation might be considered chronically elevated. By using fish oil, the body utilizes Omega-3's to produce hormones that are non-inflammatory, thereby decreasing pain involved with inflammation and allowing you to train harder.

Also, fish oil has proven to lower triglycerides – the storage form of fat.  Triglycerides are associated with abdominal fat and constitute a cardiovascular risk indication.  Omega-3's have shown to decrease the generation of triglycerides in the liver and help metabolize this unhealthy fat as an energy source.  You benefit by decreasing your body fat %, which will prove to increase your performance in the gym.

The recommended dosage to lower triglycerides is 5g (EPA/DHA) per day.  It is recommended that you split your dosage into AM and PM doses of equal amount.  Our requirement of 3g is simply a step in the right direction.  By eating a Paleo (grain free) diet, we reduce the ingestion of unhealthy Omega-6's, which are pro-inflammatory.  We aim to reduce this ratio of Omega-6:Omega-3 to levels that reduce inflammation to improve health and performance.


  1. Matt :

    For the record, when I can’t find a measuring spoon or they are all dirty and I’m being lazy… I drink as much fish oil as I can stomach in 3 seconds. Probably around 5 grams. Mmmmm so good.

  2. Nutrition challenge+birthday+Puertto Vallarta+Best food I’ve eaten next to an ocean+once-in-a-lifetime-trip+other people who are NOT on a nutrition challenge/exercise regimen= Pottsie losing points at record pace.

  3. Ali Nichols :

    So far I have learned from this challenge that I need a bigger lunch box! I can’t fit all these veggies in my current one. I need an upgrade:)

  4. Greg B :

    @Matt I too refuse to dirty up a spoon and simply fill my gullet with yummy fish oil and swallow once in the am and once before bed. I learned yesterday that it is a lot harder to find paleo food on the go than it is to plan ahead and have it with you.

  5. Doug :

    I’ve messed around with taking Fish Oil before, and haven’t necessarily noticed any big benefits. Well- the challenge is making me realize I took about 1/10th what I was supposed to… I have already drained more than half the bottle I bought last week…

  6. Slaughter :

    If anybody wants a big spreedsheet (I swear i’m not a nerd….lol) that will automatically calculate your points and help you track stuff email me at
    It helps me summarize and track stuff.

  7. Matt :

    Remember to continue to print out your totals b/c we need to check out your log every week.
    The veggie load is high, but one thing’s for sure – I’m not going hungry.

  8. Nick :

    Does anyone know if marinara sauce is considered paleo? Been using it a lot with to get all my carb blocks. Thanks in advance.
    And special thanks to Slaughter for the spreadsheet. It’s going to be a huge help!

  9. Nick :

    Also…what’s the deal with “Zone perfect” bars? Are they considered zone? I know they probably aren’t paleo. Do we get points docked for eating them?

  10. Slaughter :

    Marinara sauce (if the only ingredients are tomatoes and vinegar, and spices) is paleo. Got to make sure there is no added sugar.
    Zone perfect bars are on average around this:
    7g fat – about 4-5 blocks
    24g carbs – about 2.5 blocks
    14g protein – about 2 blocks
    This is typical of their ingredient list though:
    Soy Protein Nuggets (Soy Protein Isolate, Tapioca Starch, Salt), Peanut Butter Fudge (Corn Syrup, Peanut Butter, Invert Sugar, Sugar, Palm Kernel Oil)
    Definitely not paleo, and frankly not very good for ya. If you’re looking for easy snacks on the go- try paleo kits.

  11. Nick :

    Thanks for the help. You were spot on with the zone bars. definitely NOT good…delicious..but not good. Thanks for all the help today.

  12. Cherie :

    5:32 rx minus 4minutes+ from previous time. I don’t know, but I think this sleep/water is amazing. Just in four days I’ve dropped 4 pounds, not that i’m wanting to lose weight, but I was clearly inflamed! Having fun with the challenge so far.
    Nick usually 1/2 cup is a block of carb and I use Classico from Costco no sugar added. Use the bars sparingly and for a zone meal only. The ratio is “close enough” as the fat blocks get bumped up to 3gm due to the non-fat protein source in the bar so the 7 grams of fat is really only 2.25 blocks of fat.
    Cheers how is everyone else doing? Chris love that you geeked out on a spreadsheet 🙂

  13. Doug :

    Nick, I find that balance bars are just a tiny bit better nutritionally, but it’s splitting hairs. Unfortunately “zone perfect” bars are neither of those things, but they are pretty good. Not, however, nearly as good as the three block ice cream sundae I made the other night (whey protein chaser). That is serving as my new bar for non paleo zone meals- if it’s not as good as that sundae, then screw it, might as well eat paleo. @ Matt- I hear you on the veggies. I just choked down a 4 block salad- I will never again complain about “only” getting to eat 15 blocks in a day. It was all I could do to finish it.

  14. Nat :

    5:56 Rx

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