Tuesday 110208

Seven rounds for time:

5 Handstand push-ups

10 Deadlifts, 185#/125#

10 Chest-to-bar pull-ups

20 Double unders

Post time to comments.

Who has better mechanics and why?

Let's hit the showers!

That's right, the first of two showers is ready for business!  Verve athlete David Schultz completed the whole project… and quickly – thanks David!  If the shower sees a lot of traffic or has a consistent waiting line, we'll add the second one.  But first, we're going to lay a couple of ground rules to keep it so fresh and so clean (clean).  

Anything that you bring in the shower, please bring home with you.  This includes shampoo, conditioner, soap, towel,… you name it.  We'd like to keep the shower clean for everyone that chooses to use it.  If the shower needs attention, please inform the trainer before you leave.  Enjoi!


  1. Jeff "CueBall" :

    The lil lady has better mechanics from the straight arms in the catch with a tight chain.
    I for one and super excited for the showers! One of the things I’ve been wishing for at Verve. Thanks David!
    PS what’s the blizzard rules for classes????

  2. Tobias Coffin :

    I don’t know if I can make it tomorrow :/
    Possible snow day. I’ll do my best though

  3. James (O.G.) :

    I’m going to vote for Elizabeth, whose arms aren’t completely straight, but at she also hasn’t compromised her midline stability.
    Live the shower, but could you put smooth stones on the floor and maybe get a rain showerhead so that it’s more peaceful and serene?

  4. Tiffany :

    ahhhh, wish i could make this one. oh well, work + class = no time to play. yay shower!

  5. Slaughter :

    Oh this looks good 🙂
    I’m going to have to agree with James here, although the arms straight and shins vertical of the little cutie on the left are good form, the shoulders are rolled pretty far forward, and the back is maybe a little too “rolled”. While with rowing this usually isn’t dangerous, it’s more powerful to pull with a fully engaged midline and shoulders in a neutral socket position.

  6. Ben :

    I think they both are good because they are trying really hard.

  7. Annie :

    How many people can fit in the shower?

  8. Cherie :

    RX 19:12 (those damn chest 2 Bars)

  9. Greg B. :

    @Annie I think all of us can fit in the shower. Just not at the same time. If at the same time, the limit is probably 3-4 of us depending on which ones.
    You are welcome! 😉

  10. Matt :

    11:00 rx’d. Need to rest less and work on C2B pull-ups.

  11. James (O.G.) :

    36:43. Subbed 20 air squats for deadlifts after blowing out my back in round 3. Counted about 80 missed DUs. Otherwise, as prescribed.

  12. Dan W :

    All I have to say is mad love to all the Ververs who came today on these crap roads to bust your butts at this WOD. Gotta love it.

  13. David S :

    22:50 RX (#165 deadlift)

  14. Jeff "CueBall" :

    I really need to learn how to breath during a WOD again. I have been getting side pains from too rapid of breaths or light headed from not enough O2.
    Todays WOD 35:01, Blue bands HSPU & 165# DL, DUs kicked my butt, spent too much time on them.

  15. Got to love a good rowing picture! Thanks Cherie and Matt it was awesome meeting up in Aspen

  16. Andy :

    I got the same time as Matt. But it took me 8:42 longer. I guess a more truthful way to say that is 19:42 rx’d.

  17. Zoe beats Elizabeth. Period. This is my ruling.

  18. Nat :

    17:27 Rx. My DU are a lot better, but they still needs lots of improvements. PU are a def. weakness. they kicked my butt.

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