Wednesday 110223

For max load:

Clean, 1 rep

Bench press, 1 rep

Overhead squat, 1 rep

Clean is from the ground, power or squat.

Post loads to comments.

Cecily and Beck climbing to the top.

Personally, I didn't consider myself an athlete in high school or my younger days.  Sure, I played softball, tennis, volleyball….but I honestly wasn't ever very good at any of them.  I never thought of me and "athlete" being one and the same, until I heard it everyday at CrossFit Verve, and felt it in my bones day after day when I swallow the butterflies before every workout and push any self-doubt from my head.  Everyone who walks into our space each day, choosing to become better is truly an athlete, teammate, friend and family. – Joylyn 

Post courtesy of Laurie from CrossFit Rainier.    

"Bring back your inner athlete.

Were you an athlete? Even a marginal one? I played ____ in high school. Baseball? Football? Tennis?

I used to ski but now my knees ache. I ran track, placed at State but that was 20 years and 20 pounds ago. I was captain of my swim team.

Gone are your glory days, right? Replaced by carpools, toddler gymnastics, and pee-wee  hockey. You’ve turned in your jersey and signed up to be the soccer mom. You even have the mini-van to get the job done.

Your truck is full of orange cones, a mesh bag of basketballs, and a whistle. You’re only pick-up game is an hour long at the Y on Saturdays with a whole gym full of 8 year olds running in the wrong direction.

Somewhere inside, you miss the “team”, the road trips, the nick names, and the Friday night lights. 

Let me tell you, they miss you.

I’m not about to tell you to join that adults only dodgeball league.  I’m going to tell you to join a CrossFit gym.

The team is back, made up of your closest friends, all cheering for you, working together, and striving toward a common goal.  You’ll suffer together, you’ll triumph together, you might even travel together.  You’ll set goals, you’ll reach goals, you’ll set new ones. You’ll blow your old self right out of the water.  You’ll bring back your inner athlete.

All of this by joining a gym?  We’re not just a gym. We’re a cohesive team. A school of fish swimming together, turning together, accelerating together.   The camaraderie, the support, the encouragement, the friendship, the training, the challenge – you’ll find yourself back on the team in no time. What you won’t find are long rides on school buses, awkward locker room showers, or smelly uniforms.  (You’re a grown up, do your laundry!)

Ready to join the team?  Start in the gym. Then take it to the streets, the slopes, the court, or the field. You’re inner athlete is just hidden, not gone. Find it here."

One way to take part, join theCrossFit Verve team in the Fight For Air Climb on this Sunday, February 27th.  Put your fitness to good use for an even better cause.  Questions?  Post here.  

Stay tuned for important info regarding the CrossFit Open here at CrossFit Verve.  We want YOU — yes, every single one of you crazy, amazing athletes on our team!

2010 CrossFit Games recap



  1. Tobias Coffin :

    So glad to be able to call CrossFit MY sport.
    On a side note. Am I allowed to bring in a friend who wants to try it tomorrow?

  2. Slaughter :

    Tobe’s, have him email and set it-up. It will give the trainers at that time a head’s up and make the process streamlined a bit!

  3. Slaughter :

    In high school I was an offensive-defensive tackle, played both sides most games, for 3 years. Even though I weighed 260 (yikes!) I was in pretty damn good shape, besides all the standard football injuries (those sucked, and the concussions probably explain a lot)
    I really wish I could be doing the Open workouts! I’ve competed in 2 sectionals and several local events, and they are ALWAYS a blast. Since I’m in recovery mode at the moment, I need Ververs to rock it for me! I’ll be taking pictures from the sidelines and make a video of all of you guys!

  4. donna :

    I can’t believe I am about to type this, but today was fun. Maybe because I had a few PRs.

  5. Beck :

    my “glory days” included freezing my a** off in a spandex suit and helmet, waiting for my turn to race down a snowy mountain going 60+ mph and not crash. now I go slower speeds, on a bike (and still in spandex and helmet :)!) and do constantly varied, across broad modal domains…. love being stronger and trying new things with the verve team, like climbing ropes!

  6. TG :

    Loved this post! I was a competitive athlete in college, and CrossFit is the only thing that I have found that unleashes the same competitve fire in me.
    Thanks for the post.

  7. MrLeet :

    Never played sports really but somehow always was fit. Still trying to figure out how to take it to the next level. Fellow Ververs – push me till I cry and yes I will cry (just don’t give up on me)

    Just damn glad to be a part of the Verve.

  8. Leslie :

    I was pretty hardcore in my teens (swimming, rugby, soccer, skiing the bumps and backcountry and DANCE!) and then a knee injury at 20 wimpified me. I have only been active* ever since. Crossfit is slowly brining the hardcore back. Love it!
    *doing things but complaining the whole time

  9. James (O.G.) :

    I played badminton in High School. God, how I wish I was kidding.
    I think the term “athlete” is more of a mental concept than anything else. I consider myself an athlete because I care about being able to compete physically.
    Slaughter, I really want to see pics of you at 260 pounds. Please send to Cherie for posting. Thank you.

  10. Keith :

    I was never on a team that involved any athleticism. But I always wanted that sense of belonging. I realize that at 55 I finally belong to a team that supports me as i am.
    Everything I do at Verve makes me better and I thank all of you for your support, guidance, and butt-kicking (that’s you Zac!)
    BTW – all my weights today were PRs. They were also my first ever lifts. NOOB!

  11. Matt :

    Congrats Keith – glad to have you!
    325, 320, 300pr = 945
    “bringing hardcore back”… Love it.

  12. Ali Nichols :

    I grew up showing pigs, cows and horses…so (to say the least) I have never considered myself an athlete. Verve has challenged me both mentally and physically to go beyone my comfort zone! Yeah for 2 PR’s today!
    Donna…You rocked it this morning! I always knew that you loved lifting heavy shit:)
    Keith…You are an awesome addition to Verve! Keep up the great work:)

  13. cherie :

    165, 145, 155
    Yay for team Verve

  14. Mas :

    I <3 Verve!!
    255, 300(PR), 235(PR). Really liked todays WOD, don't worry Donna. I won't tell anyone.

  15. Dan Watson :

    Cess and I met each other as athletes way back in high school. We lifted together everyday, and I think we’ve unknowingly been longing for something that gives us the same drive, motivation, and team atmosphere since that time. Cecily finding Verve and bringing me “into the fold” has literally been the best thing to happen in our adult lives, and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of the Verve team!
    225. 215, 205 PR on Clean and OHSq. Gotta love what the nutrition challenge is doing for us all!

  16. Nat :

    250, 245 and 225.
    No PR’s today, which is disappointing Then again, if I did this WOD 19 months ago, when I started Crossfit, I would not have one number above 200. Wow do things change, both in regards to weight and my own expectations. Congrats to all who achieved PRs today, well done!

  17. toby (tobias) :

    165, 155, 155. All new PR’s and Cherie was an awesome partner!

  18. I really love the functional aspect of Crossfit. Each workout is even more interesting than the next.

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