Tuesday 110419


Three rounds for time of:

400m Run 
21 Kettlebell swings, 24kg (16kg)
12 Pull-ups

Post time to comments. 

Constantly varied includes snatching in the dark, ghost Nick is so fast we can't see him.

Nutrition Challenge Closure: 

There were some amazing changes in the nutrition challenge.  It was a shame that we could only crown 6 people, when so many made hugh changes and all the races were so close.  Luckily there was a bonus to all people meeting certain point markers.  

500-750 points: half $ back ($25)
750-1000 points: All $ returned ($50)
1000+ points: all $ returned ($50) + 1 free t'shirt.

If you fell into any of these categories, you'll find an envelope on the board with the corresponding prize.

We had 24 people reach the 1000 point marker. ALL athletes deserve a kudos, but here is a few big changes.  Amanda Kennedy who almost got all possible points with a whopping total of 1423.  She also lost 7% body fat, amazing job Amanda.  There are also a few other notable mentions. Erin had a total of 1391 points and lost 4% body fat.  Robyn with 1333 lost 10% BF.  Jim Riley had the most points from any male with 1268, Jim lost 5% BF.  Cecily had a point total of 1206 and lost 6% BF.  Dan Watson with 1235 points lost 7% BF.  Sara W. with 1223 lost 5% BF, and that's only the athletes above 1200 points. 

Those of you that have asked us for before and after pictures they are coming. 

Congratulations to all athletes! 


  1. Dan Watson :

    So much Awesomeness… I can’t handle it! Nick, you’re gonna need to teach the invisible snatch to me.

  2. Slaughter :

    mm invisible snatch. that sounds cool!

  3. nateR :

    10:48 Rx. Forearms were killin me the last round. Always loves me some running and pullups though.

  4. Who doesn’t like a good snatch in the dark?

  5. Dane :

    first pull up workout I did without bands… thats pretty rad. I am still a slower runner than most people walk.

  6. bill :

    Congrats dane, im right there with you on the 400m high speed shuffle.

  7. Sarah Lev :

    QUESTION: So I have heard they are announcing 2 workouts this week, that may be wrong but if so, on Sat are you going to be able to choose one or the other?? If they are not announcing 2 and I am making this all up please disregard!

  8. Sara V :

    16:32 RX…. First WOD without a band for me as well!! YAY! If only I didnt feel like death after a minor 400 m, I would be doing much better in life!

  9. Amanda K. :

    Thanks for the kudos! Congrats to everyone! This challenge was, well, challenging, but super rad at the same time.

  10. David S :

    11:00 RX

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