Tuesday 110503

Five rounds for time of:

15 Medicine ball cleans, 20#/14#
7 Handstand push-ups
25 Double-unders

Post time to comments. 

Jeff, blazing the scenic 5k route through downtown.  Love Denver!

The CrossFit Open and the Southwest Regional

The CrossFit open, formerly known as Sectionals, has concluded.  Six weeks (well, actually seven) of AMRAP's of varying lengths, loads, movements, and schemes.  I must admit, having each workout with a set time duration and where the reps completed determine your placement was a bit of a surprise.  I would agree with the contention that the workouts did their job, allowing the most fit athletes to rise to the top.

CrossFit Verve had 37 athletes compete in the Open, dozens more completed each of the Open workouts without officially entering.  Some were injured, some were traveling, and even one pregnant athlete!  Each athlete put their fitness to the test, giving their all week after week, whether or not the workout was in their "wheelhouse". For many, these workouts may have exposed a chink in the armor that makes up our GPP, or general physical preparedness.  That chink may have come in the form of coordination required by double unders, or possibly the midline stability and balance required by heavy overhead squats.

Regardless of the outcome of individual workouts, I am proud of each of the athletes (officially registered or not) that completed all six workouts.  They were grueling tests of fitness that required not only physical commitment, but mental commitment.  Good on ya' for your efforts!

The athletes that have qualified for the Southwest Regional are as follows:
Open Women Division: Beth Guse, Emmalee Moore, Cherie Chan
Open Men Division: Matt Chan
Masters (50-54) Division: Jim Duwve
Team Division: CrossFit Verve 5th place in SW Region! 

Jim rockin' OHS in 11.4

Curious as to what happens next?  Well, athletes that qualified in the individual category have a choice to make, whether to compete as a team representative or as an individual. This will certainly be a tough choice, so give them whatever words of advice you might have 🙂 On the other hand, Jim Duwve has officially qualified for the 2011 CrossFit Games (enter: round of applause!).  Please congratulate Jim when you see him.

There will be a meeting (date/time TBA this week) for all athletes competing at the Southwest Regionals.  Additionally, there will be some preparatory workouts specific to competition training (dates/times TBA).  All are welcome to come and participate. Congrats to all!  More competitions are right around the corner.


  1. Congrats Jim! Thats badass!

  2. Tobias Coffin :

    Congrats to everyone one making it to Regionals, and Jim making it to the Games! That’s fantastic!
    Now check this out. What if this were at the CrossFit Games? (Us swimmers would destroy!)

  3. Stacey E :

    Jim you are incredible!! Fantastic job on your progress!! 🙂

  4. Blake :

    Congrats to all the competitors. It was a significant undertaking and one you should be proud of regardless of your finishing placement. I’ll be back at Verve over Memorial Day weekend and hope to see many of you while I am home; I miss my Verve family!

  5. MrLeet :

    Damn fine job everyone! I really did have fun just as Matt and Nicole said in the games intro video some 7 weeks ago. Proud to be a part of the Verve.

  6. Great job ya’ll!

  7. Keith :

    I saw two opens at Verve and was astounded by both. What an intense resolve it takes to try let alone succeed. An inspiration.
    Congratulations JIM! A pleasure to know you.

  8. Greg :

    To all Verve trainers and friends, Thanx for the firm ass kicking today. I need and love it!

  9. AnnieCam :

    Big-ups to ya’ll!

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