Tuesday 110531

2011 CrossFit Games Regional WOD  #5

9-7-5 reps for time of:
Ring muscle-up 
Squat snatch, 135# (95#)

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Inspiration for today's WOD.

Spending a fortune on food?  Here are some tips to save some cash.

Waste not want not
The average household wastes 15% of their food.  That adds up to $15 for every $100 you spend on food.  Consider using your leftovers in lettuce wraps, omelets, crock pot surprises or soups (veggies that are about to go bad are great to add to the crock pot and soups).  Make your own stock out of your meat and veggie trimmings.  Clean out your refrigerator, you'd be amazed at how this helps decrease waste.  Take a day off from cooking, make your family forage to eat (no cooking, once a week) and find things you didn't know were there.

Cook whole foods at home.
At least decrease your going out to eat meals. Half of meals are reported to be eaten away from home.  Packing your lunch can be a great place to start.  While many people say they don't have time, it takes just as long to "go out" and costs more per meal and you get less.

Make batches.  
If you're going to make a nice lunch or dinner, why not make enough for another meal later that week?  Don't like eating the same meal twice in a week, freeze it.  It cost significantly less to buy a little more ingredients for one meal then it does to buy all the ingredients for another.  It also saves time. 

Fight the urge to BUY.
Keep a shopping list and STICK to it.  More then 40% of purchases at the grocery store are impulse buys.  Avoid shopping for food when you are really hungry.

Eat seasonally.
Fruits and veggies are cheaper in there are in season.  If you want something to do with the kids or are a stickler for free you can also "glean in season".  Call up local farmers and se if they take volunteers for picking and bring a lot of boxes!  Here is a great place to start: Local Growers Directory. Many times memberships to CSA can be reduced for volunteers hours.

Fill your life with vegetables.
Veggies are not only great for you but they ARE the cheapest carbohydrates around. Gobble them up and find a little extra in the wallet this month. 

Snack on real food.
Seems obvious enough but snack foods are a big budget drainer.  Prepare real food snacks like celery and hard boiled eggs or make your own snack mixes with nuts and coconut.  Homemade snack mixes are about 70% cheaper then store bought versions and you get to put in it what YOU want.

Folks it's a big fat lie that eating healthy is more expensive.  What's expensive is laziness.  Employ a few of the tips above and see an instant decrease in your ever growing food bill.


  1. AnnieCam :

    After watching that video I will be submitting, “The Chan of Mattness” as another definition of badass in the dictionary. Bravo.

  2. mas :

    Soooo… 5:30 class… My Bad. I hope you all forgive me… Someday:(

  3. Glad I was at 6:30! Good work 5:30, impressive!!

  4. robyn :

    What a perfect post today…
    Eating Healthy and less wasteful is something I have been trying to get way better at:)
    This is what I plan to do with my time this summer, try to create/alter some new paleo/zone recipes! The perks of being a teacher is that I will hopefully come up with a lot more options for when I go back to work.

  5. heather s :

    Reminder for those near Edgewater…the local farmers market will be starting this Thursday evening from 5-8:00pm corner of Sheridan and 25th Avenue.

  6. Jim D. :

    Well, I tackled Amanda today. Wasn’t sure how I was going to do since 135 is my max snatch. But, after watching Matt’s video I knew I had to try.
    I only missed 3 snatches. Unfortunately, with 2 snatches left to go I missed the lockout overhead and the bar landed on my neck. Fortunately, it rolled off my neck over my head and taught me a lesson which was to finish the third pull. I finished my third pull, and then some, on the next 2 snatches and ended up with 18:26.
    RD 1 MU’s 2:07 Snatches 5:54
    RD 2 MU’s 1:38 Snatches 4:50
    RD 3 MU’s :54 Snatches 3:12

  7. David S :

    9:51 RX

  8. DeGood :

    The start time no prob Mas. The reps is going to take a while. hahaha. Worst part is I didn’t realize until Jake told me at lunch today. I just thought I was slacking. Thanks for crushing us.

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