Tuesday 110621

21 – 15 – 9 rep rounds for time of:

Sumo deadlift high-pull, 115#/75#
Handstand push-ups

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Beth Guse, making up ground on the toes to bar.

Freestyle Connection with Carl Paoli



Spend a full day at CrossFit Verve with Coach Carl Paoli of Gymnastics WOD and learn how to apply basic gymnastics, acrobatic and freestyle movement to your CrossFit training program. If you want to increase your agility, mobility, and the versatility in your CrossFit WODs, then this is the perfect seminar for you! This is an 8-hour seminar session, with a half hour lunch break.

Learning Process
This seminar will be organized to deliver both lectures and practical sessions. Not only will you learn learn the foundational theories, but you will also get a chance to visualize and apply these concepts through active demonstrations. You will learn new skills from this seminar that are scalable and progressive, and Coach Carl will demonstrate these skills with safe, simple and easy-to-follow progressions that can be applied by anyone at any given level.

You will be taught a wide variety of movements and techniques, including these and others: strength and conditioning, hand balancing, rings, bar, basic rolls and tumbling, freestyle movement, and trampolining.

About Coach Carl
Carl Paoli is the owner and founder of Naka Athletics, based in San Francisco, CA. Naka is a company designed and created to specialize in Action Sports coaching. Naka focuses on helping freestyle athletes excel in everything from core basics to expert movements.As a former competitive elite gymnast, Carl Paoli leverages his knowledge, experience, and expertise to invigorate the world of Action Sports coaching and athletic development around the world.


  1. Matt :

    Photo credits go to Colleen Baz – Verve athlete.

  2. Matt :

    I’m going to Carl’s class because I CAN lift weight, I CAN run/row/swim, but I suck at gymnastics. Boomtime… workin weaknesses.

  3. Liked you on Facebook, too. =)

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