Tuesday 110712

As Many Rounds as Possible in 7 Minutes of:

10 Power snatches, 95# (65#)
15 Wallballs, 20# (14#) 

Post time to comments.

Ian Austin in his Canine bite suit, I heard these are pretty hard to maneuver in! 

And the WINNER of the first weeks "How do you use your fitness" photo contest is…


This photo is of me doing the regularly duplicated Crossfit handstand while wearing a K9 training bite suite. Over the past 6 months I have been training with K9 unit, (a.k.a I’ve been a human chew toy) with a hope to one day be a K9 handler. All thought the bite suite can limit range of motion, Crossfit has help to keep me physically ready to “take a bite” and perform difficult training techniques, to assist in the development of highly trained police dogs. Crossfit has helped me obtain the level of fitness that will be required to one day be an effective K9 handler. - Ian Austin

Ian wins $25 bucks in cash! (Ian this will be on the board) This weeks contest starts today and ends Friday so get your entries in.  Remember with your photo add 4 sentences on how your fitness has contributed to your play. Can't wait to see next weeks. All those who entered this week don't fret, not only were they amazing, we will be keeping them for a few other competitions.


  1. Matt :

    Nice handstand Ian!

  2. Cruz :

    I’ve put that kind of suit on before and it’s HEAVY. Amazing work, Ian!

  3. Brad K :

    4+14 rx

  4. David S :

    4+5 RX

  5. Luke :

    WOD today was 10,9,8…1 of Front Squats (#135), and HSPU’s. HSPU’s performed with my newfound kip. Took me longer than last time by a bundle, but my ROM was really good on the HSPU’s thanks to the kip. As rx’d, 21:27.

  6. dave :

    Been doing most of my crossfit workouts in a bite suit as my job requires me to spend a lot of time in it. Train for real life

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