Tuesday 110718

50 – 40 – 30 – 20 – 10 rep rounds for time of:

Wallballs, 20#(14#)
Deadlifts, 95#(65#)

Post time to comments.
Liz enjoying the start of the summer season in style. 

Congratulations to Liz Riviere, winner of this weeks Fitness Photo Contest, she wins $25 cash…..and our hearts!

"Every new season brings the change from one sport to the other and there is always that break-in period where you just know your gonna hurt the day after.  The sore legs from your first day skiing or the saddle soreness the first time on your bike…its always inevitable and unpleasant.  The same holds true for your first day of the season for waterskiing.  Your lats and biceps hurt so bad from holding onto that rope that you don't want to do much for a couple of days.  But since joining Crossfit Verve, that early season waterskiing soreness has disappeared!  Fitter and stronger."


  1. Matt :

    Great picture and post lizzy!

  2. Dan Y. :

    Sic pic!!!

  3. Anna :

    Liz!!! I love it! Rock on sista!

  4. Dane :

    wow I was really bad at that workout. cool picture btw!

  5. zach :

    Love the picture! Great to see other skiiers, and I know exactly what you mean about getting a head start on the season worked incrediblly for me.

  6. Matt :

    11:30 Rx w/ fat bar.

  7. Dustin :

    15:41rx. That was brutal!! But fun

  8. What a great picture! It’s so worth it to feel GOOD.
    I needed an ass kicker WOD: 19:44 Rx.

  9. robyn :

    That WOD was an ass kicker but it sure was fun! I LOVE WALLBALLS
    13:12 – RX!
    Congrats Liz, looks like fun:)

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