Tuesday 110802

For total reps:

1:00 min Double-Unders
2:00 min Wall Ball Shots, 20# (14#)
3:00 min Legless Rope Climbs
2:00 min Wall Ball Shots, 20# (14#)
1:00 min Double-Unders

Post reps to comments.
Jordan still has plenty left in the tank for burpees! 

This week's Fitness Photo Contest winner is Jordan–who wins $25 cash!

"Completing the Tough Mudder in Wisconsin was my first taste of what I consider an “extended race”.  After hearing so many varied experiences of the event, I was nervous that it would be too hard or too long.  This was also my first true test of my “crossfitness” since starting at CrossFit Verve.  It went very well, I had a ton of fun, and I even had some juice left for a few burpees at the end.  My point is… crossfit is working for me!" 

Swimming Workshop and WOD reminder–This Saturday, August 6th.  We'll be practicing skills and drills around the basics of the freestyle stroke, including body roll and recovery, breathing techniques, and the flutter kick.  Classes will be held at 8am, 9am and 10am and will run around an hour including a CrossFit swimming-based WOD.  Cost is $10 per member, $20/non-member and class size will be limited each session.  Sign up on MindBody and come cool off in the water and have some fun with us!

Wanna put your fitness to work in the beautiful outdoors?  A Verve group is getting together to summit Longs Peak this Sunday, August 7th.  The trip will leave at approx 1am Sunday morning, and following the hike and summit fun, they are planning on going tubing in Boulder Creek.  If you are interested, contact Anna–number is on the board at Verve. 


  1. OK so this is like… the ONE Saturday I can’t make the swim WOD. Guldarnit! School is done for a bit after this weekend though and that’s… pretty cool!

  2. Matt :

    Congrats Jordan, great job!

  3. Hanna K :

    Darn i’m missing the hike AND the swim WOD. I GUESS I’ll hike in Tel Aviv and do the swim WOD in the Mediterranean… 🙂

  4. Nick B :

    Working Sunday or else I’d definitely be in on the hike. bummer.

  5. sara v :

    Cherie… I’m sorry I am not in class right now. I am currently sitting in traffic with no end in sight. 🙁

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