Tuesday 110809

In 2:00 minutes, reach a 1RM weighted chest-to-bar pull-up

In the next 2:00, reach a 1RM snatch

In the final 1:00 minute, farmer's carry 115#/75# in each hand as far as possible

Post results to comments.
DSCF0487 DSCF0488
DSCF0514 DSCF0588
This week's Fitness Photo Contest winners–Bess and BoLars!  They win $25 cash.
Here's their story….. 

"Hi guys!
BoLars and I spend a lot of days on the various rivers throughout the west. Typically, a multi-day river trip involves driving to a designated "put-in," rigging the raft with camping gear and food and alcohol for several days in a methodical way to secure all items in the event of carnage through the whitewater. Last weekend we did things a bit differently. The Gunnison Gorge is a spectacular section of class 3 and 4 whitewater, however, access inhibits or prohibits most from even attempting this section. Instead of driving to the put in, we had to hike 1.5 miles, down 1000 feet, several times with all of our weekend supplies on our back. This involves the raft, the oars, the frames, miscellaneous gear, food and lots of beer and liquor (& a little bit of potable water). 
The first picture is BoLars carrying the raft with part of the oars and frame on his back. Approximate weight. 250 lbs.

The second picture is a comparison of what he was carrying versus what I was carrying. Beer in the pack with the oars and the fly rod holder.

Third, well worth it! The canyon was amazing!

Fourth. The best way to entertain 20-30 somethings in a roadless canyon on a river…"Beer can reach…" Starting behind the line (i.e. paddle), you must reach the beer can as far as possible and then push yourself back up, behind the line. The kicker: only your hands may touch the sand beyond the line. Crossfit lingo= 1 handed pushup to standing. BoLars had an obvious height advantage, however, most people had difficulty returning to standing. Thanks to CF, not BoLars!

I know, it is more than 1 picture and more than 4 sentences. But I had to paint this beautiful picture of the benefits of Crossfit for you."  –Bess




  1. bill :

    Props Bo, I thought an 80lb pack got annoying. Also loved the deficit deadlifts yesterday.

  2. Matt :

    BoLars – best balance in the whole world demonstrated in the one-arm wheelbarrow race whilst carrying the banquet beer.

  3. This was a weird WOD and I don’t really felt like it was an accurate representation of my 1 reps. Especially because we didn’t build up to the rep like we usually do….

  4. CC :

    Potts – I think everyone at the games echoed your sentiments and that was part of the design. 🙂
    Loves the photos!

  5. AnnieCam :

    Bess & Bo-
    Kiel and I have a couple crush on you.

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