Tuesday 110830

Three rounds for time of: 
12 Muscle-ups
75 Squats

Post time to comments.

Nicole using her fitness in an exciting way, jumping fire!

Nicole Sullivan, the happy flying winner of this weekends fitness photo contest.  Nicole Sullivan, suprised herself and came in 10th out of 400 at the warrior dash! Way to kill it Nicole. Nicole wins $25 cash and bragging rights to this perfect 10 finish over the fire.  Her finish inspired her to try more competitions next year!

This week we will be a featuring TWO fitness photo winners, as we didn't feature any last week. Next weeks entries need to be in by this Friday, so hurry up and get them in for your chance at some cold hard cash. 


  1. Caitlin :

    I love it! Nicole, this is amazing.

  2. Leslie :

    What you can’t see in this picture is that her shirt says: “I shaved my balls for this. ”
    Great job Nicole!

  3. Matt :

    Best pic ever! Displaying so many traits of physical fitness.

  4. Watson :

    That is awesome.

  5. My Nadia moments certainly “feel” like they look that cool…

  6. Lisa Ward :

    Hello Verve Friends! Need an excuse to come to the mountains? Sept 10th is the grand opening of Crossfit Venture in Avon/Vail CO! We are SOOO excited. Come up and hang out for a day of fun competition, yummy Paleo food on the BBQ, beer and a chance to meet the mountain crossfit community. As a bonus, it is also Octoberfest in Vail. http://www.vail.com/summer/events/vail-oktoberfest.aspx
    Would love to see you! All are welcome.

  7. Jim Duwve :

    Awesome pic. I really love the gymnastic flair!
    rx’d 16:23 and a new blister. (1:55 off my pr)
    It was nice to play with mu’s again.

  8. Nicole Sullivan :

    well, I really did shave my balls for that. Otherwise, that leap wouldn’t have been possible.

  9. cherie :

    If you are on the wait-list for 5:30pm today please sign-up for the 4:30 or 6:30 WOD. Thank you

  10. Kim :

    and one more event in Sept.

  11. Rich :

    13:55 Rx’d

  12. Jeremy :

    Thanks for your help today, Chans. It was greatly appreciated!

  13. David S :

    16:22 RX

  14. Matt :

    9:58 oh my legs!

  15. That muddy leap has the flair of a lovely dancer somewhere in your past. Pretty nice form, notice the dancer hand pose..(fingers together – thumb down – wrist straight).. I may be mistaken, but it looks to me like you have leaped in your past in a much less muddy. lol AWESOME Pic!!!

  16. Julia :

    love it!

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