Tuesday 111004


Seven rounds for time of:
18 Dumbbell hang squat clean, 35#/20#
18 Pull-ups
10 Power clean, 135#/95#
10 Handstand push-ups

Post time to comments.

Jared, this week's photo contest winner, on Capitol Peak's knife edge.

On July 21st, 2009 a friend asked me to join her on a fourteener. I said “I don’t really watch much football, but thanks anyway.” After learning what hiking a fourteener actually was, I was still didn’t fully understand the invitation, but said yes anyway.  If I hadn’t been doing Crossfit with the Chan’s in the park for the previous 7 months, I never would have had the confidence in myself to do something so spontaneous and challenging.  

After that first hike, I ended up falling in love with the views earned, physical adventure, and sense of self. After overcoming two ankle surgeries in 2010, I have finally been able to return to my passion this year. This particular photo was last month on the “knife edge” on Capital Peak in the Elk Mountain Range. Having a strong core, steady breathing, mental focus, and a Crossfit attitude helped me keep it together on this exhilarating, Class 4, three-day WOD.

Starting today, we are going to have a revamped endurance program.  It is scheduled two days a week, one am class and one pm class.  The new program is a 6 week progressive adventure.  Anyone can attend, however keep in mind it will come with homework to be done 2 more times that week.  This is perfect for those planning on completing endurance events, those who attended the competitors hour, or those who are just looking to improve their running technique.  

This will be a technique intensive 6 weeks.  Old habits are hard to break and we will need to drill them out of us. PLEASE BE WARNED CrossFit Endurance recommends 3+ hours between a WOD and and Endurance WOD for best results.  If you would like to add more Endurance WOD's to your training check out CrossFit Endurance.


  1. James (O.G.) :

    This looks absolutely awful.

  2. Cherie :

    Hey kids – please make it to class on time today!
    Jared – beautiful!

  3. Sarah Lev :

    What a way to start my “get back into crossfit phase”…I seriously might die!! Oh Chans what would I do without you!

  4. Michael W. :

    What a great WOD that was! I went into it fearing it a little bit, but it was a great experience! An awesome way to get the endorphins pumping before work today!

  5. Jeff "CueBall" :

    The one way I would of gotten my butt kicked any harder would of been if Chuck Norris did it himself! Santiago, you are now on my list of love/hate but mostly hate!

  6. Kevin :

    Easily the hardest workout I’ve done so far…. just glad to finish

  7. Cherie :

    finished and promptly fell asleep! Brutal!

  8. Jeff "CueBall" :

    Ververs!!! King Soopers has Amy & Brian’s Coconut Juice for 2 for $4!!!! Just robbed my store’s stash!

  9. Adam :

    Coming to class once a week did not prepare me for this one bit

  10. James (O.G.) :

    Hardest WOD I’ve ever done.

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