Tuesday 111018

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats


Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 Handstand Push-ups
10 One legged squats, alternating
15 Pull-ups

Post your choice of girls and rounds completed to comments.

Congrats Jim and Nate, it was awesome watching your dedications.

The Concept 2 Fall Rowing Challenge has ended.  CrossFit Verve's 38 team members participating pulled together to log over 1 million meters.  In fact, our team finished in 77th place out of 311 teams participating.  

Of note on the individual side, Hanna was the top female rower, completing over 52,000 meters despite travelling overseas for 3 out of the 4 weeks of the challenge–how's that for making your fitness a priority?!  Of course, everyone knows of the two individuals who have combined their efforts to account for nearly half of Verve's total: Nate Rader and Jim Reilly.  They've been diligent about putting time in before and after classes, spending their social time while rowing, and pushing each other to the limit of how much their butts can handle in a session.  

In one instance, Jim had to leave the gym to take care of his wife who'd been involved in an accident (she's okay, btw) but was sure to come in the next day prepared to make up lost time and meters.  And Nate, used his free 3-day pass to 24 Hour Fitness to put in over 80,000meters during the weekend.  Well, hopefully they haven't shredded their posterior chain, they've gained some great practice in their technique–and now, we're glad to have them back.  For their efforts, we'd like to reward each of them with a new Verve t-shirt due to arrive later this month.  So when you see them sportin' it, be sure to congratulate them!    


  1. Leslie :

    Great job Jim and Nate!! You carried our team!

  2. Keith :

    How cool and what an inspiration you two are!

  3. NateRader :

    First off, I’m sure no one is more glad this thing is over than the both of us.
    Secondly, I’d like to thank Jim’s family for allowing him to be at the gym so much. And Jim, thank you for making it one hell of a challenge to catch you.
    We’ve all heard the saying that goes something like, “when you’re not putting in the work to get better, someone out there is.” Well that was very evident with Jim and I. It seemed like everytime I’d check the site, he’d log some more meters. It put a smile on my face because I knew I’d just show up and row some more.
    I ended up rowing 88,517m over 2 days, and I never doubted that it was what I wanted to be doing (well, except for my sore bum). It was out of stupid, testosterone-driven pride and stubbornness that I originally told myself that I wanted my name at the top. Although I wasn’t expecting to get anything but the bragging rights, I ended up enjoying the friendly competition more than anything. That was some of the best fun I’ve had competing in a long time. Thank you Jim, and thanks Ververs and trainers for putting up with our incessant rowing in the back of the gym so often.

  4. Jim D. :

    Absolutely incredible Nate and Jim. 88,000 meters in 2 days makes my bumm sore thinking about it.

  5. James (O.G.) :

    Wow. I like rowing and all, but you two mfers are crazy.
    That’s two rowing marathons in two days. Unreal.

  6. Jeremy :

    Incredible work, guys… I can’t imagine how tough it was to stand up from the rower after logging so many meters! Great job!

  7. 2 things:
    Competition class is full and so is the waiting list. Can I get in for tomorrow night? I have a need to run (weird).
    Is the nutrition class schedule going to be posted soon?

  8. Slaughter :

    Heroes in my book right there.

  9. Joylyn :

    @ Potts.
    1. Competition class is up to Matt.
    2. Nutrition workshop is on the MBO schedule for next week, Tuesday October 25th @ 730pm.
    Happy Tuesday!

  10. Cruz :

    Amazing work to all of the Ververs and especially Nate and Jim!
    I’m going to try Mary for the first time today even though I’ll have to scale my pistols–thanks to Luke and Matt for yesterday’s inspiration.
    I enjoyed yesterday’s workout despite sucking at double unders, just one more thing to work on–thanks to Verve, I’m owning my weaknesses!

  11. Jim Reilly :

    Thanks for the congratulations and kind words, guys! One of the greatest things about Verve is the immense support that is found within our community – it really says a lot about the character of the individuals who pass through the door each day. It’s also a blast to know that the box is filled with folks who refuse to quit, strive for constant improvement, and are always up for competition. I’m amazed with how fierce of a competitor Nate is – thank you for turning the rowing challenge into a total blast. I really thought I had the #1 spot wrapped up late Saturday and when I checked the Concept 2 site on Sunday, I was shocked to see the number of meters that were logged in the last stretch. Thinking of and executing 80k meters on a trial membership at 24 Hour Fitness is truly epic. Fantastic job, Nate!

  12. Matt :

    So incredible guys! Mental fortitude forged!
    I can’t imagine 88k in two days… makes me want to try it.

  13. Jim D. :

    With nall due respect to Cindy( My favorite Girl) I changed it up a little to practice some of my goats.
    20 Minute AMRAP
    5 CTB Pullups
    10 Hand release pushups
    15 20# WB
    10 rds 5 CTB PU’s
    After reading the article in Men’s Fitness today, it just dawned on me that I am wasting my time Crossfitting. Please accept this notice as my resignation from Crossfit. Oh wait, I just drank some more Kool-aide. What’s the next WOD?

  14. James (O.G.) :

    Which Men’s Fitness article, Jim? “How to Tell Your Girlfriend She’s Fat?” “Fifteen Style Choices That Won’t Get You Laid?” or “Six Brutal NFL Leg Snaps?”

  15. Jim D. :

    I was wrong it is in Men’s Health and it is called the “Cult of Crossfit” by a couch potato named Grant Stoddard.

  16. David S :

    Mary 8+9 RX

  17. James (O.G.) :

    I don’t even know where to begin with that men’s health article. I get that Crossfit isn’t for everyone and that some people don’t like being athletically humbled by a group of women. But to call this crap journalism is unbelievable. Let’s take this paragraph:
    “More worrisome is the way the CrossFit trainers themselves are trained. ‘If you have reservations about CrossFit going in, then attending a CrossFit certification likely won’t make you feel any better about it,’ says journalist Bryan Krahn, C.S.C.S., who attended a weekend certification class on assignment for T-nation.com. ‘The seminars were well run and the speakers were very good. My problem had more to do with the CrossFit ideology itself. The programming doesn’t make sense from a strength-training standpoint. The reality is, a lot of guys who go to the gym want to put on some muscle. CrossFit is not the optimum way to go about doing that.’
    So, the topic sentence argues that Crossfit trainers are inadequately trained, and to prove that point, he quotes a guy that says that the L1 cert is “well run” and the speakers are “very good,” but Crossfit isn’t for people who are looking to pack on muscle. WHAT???
    OK, James, stop typing. No one’s reading this three day old comment thread anyway.

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