Tuesday 111122


For time:
1 mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 mile Run

Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed. Start and finish with a mile run. If you've got a twenty pound vest or body armor, wear it.

Post time to comments.

Danni, volunteer extraordinaire.  Thank you to all the volunteers who gave up their Saturday so that we could play.

What a fun Saturday surrounded by great people.  We had 27 athletes competing and a slew of volunteers and supporters. We had first time competitors and veterans alike, getting their tail feathers ruffled and hoping they never have to go on a run with a plate again. Here are the results from the Annual Turkey challenge at MBS CrossFit.

Women's RX

Emmalee Moore – Overall place: 1st 
WOD 1 16:36 10th, WOD 2 TG 68#, HSW 120ft, DU's 72 1st, WOD 3 32 reps 5th, WOD 4 115reps 1st. 
Cherie Chan – Overall place: 4th
WOD 1 17:15 13th, WOD 2 TG 78#, HSW 52ft, DU's 80 5th, WOD 3 32 reps 5th, WOD 4 99reps 4th.
Trina Ruhland – Overall place: 8th
WOD 1 17:11 12th, WOD 2 TG 78#, HSW 36ft, DU's 34 17th, WOD 3 35 reps 2nd, WOD 4 101reps 3rd.
Anna Anderson – Overall place: 11th
WOD 1 17:31 14th, WOD 2 TG 73#, HSW 8ft, DU's 83 14th, WOD 3 32 reps 5th, WOD 4 82reps 10th.
Addison Kozlow – Overall place: 22nd
WOD 1 19:52 21st, WOD 2 TG 38#, HSW 28ft, DU's 53 23rd, WOD 3 27 reps 16th, WOD 4 44reps 20th.  

Women's Scaled

Tiffany Skidmore – Overall place: 3rd
WOD 1 16:01 19th, WOD 2 TG 63#, HSW 28ft, DU's 88 2nd, WOD 3 30 reps 1st, WOD 4 80reps 5th.
Robyn Kunick-Bosch – Overall place: 5th 
WOD 1 15:05 11th, WOD 2 TG 70#, HSW 20ft, DU's 34 15th, WOD 3 27 reps 3rd, WOD 4 90reps 3rd.
Ali Nichols – Overall place: 8th
WOD 1 14:31 6th, WOD 2 TG 45#, HSW 20ft, DU's 50 19th, WOD 3 25 reps 9th, WOD 4 67reps 14th.
Amanda Kennedy – Overall place: 19th
WOD 1 19:44 31st, WOD 2 TG 53#, HSW 32ft, DU's 63 7th, WOD 3 22 reps 22nd, WOD 4 72reps 9th.
Darika Siegel – Overall place: 30th
WOD 1 16:50 23rd, WOD 2 TG 38#, HSW 16ft, DU's 8 32nd, WOD 3 16 reps 32nd, WOD 4 69reps 11th.
Brooke Jackson – Overall place: 32nd
WOD 1 19:37 30th, WOD 2 TG 40#, HSW 16ft, DU's 28 29th, WOD 3 19 reps 30th, WOD 4 23reps 28th.

Men's RX

Matt Chan – Overall place: 1st 
WOD 1 13:15 1st, WOD 2 TG 135#, HSW 100ft, DU's 101 5th, WOD 3 37 reps 2nd, WOD 4 132 reps 1st. 

Chris Slaughter – Overall place: 17th 
WOD 1 17:20 24th, WOD 2 TG 110#, HSW 56ft, DU's 97 22nd, WOD 3 31 reps 19th, WOD 4 77 reps 26th. 

Nate Rader – Overall place: 27th 
WOD 1 18:28 36th, WOD 2 TG 90#, HSW 28ft, DU's 57 51st, WOD 3 31 reps 19th, WOD 4 98reps 6th. 

Chris Zienkievicz – Overall place: 27th
WOD 1 18:24 35th, WOD 2 TG 105#, HSW 100ft, DU's 80 14th, WOD 3 35 reps 9th, WOD 4 36reps 54th. 

Ryan Young – Overall place: 41st
WOD 1 19:44 46th, WOD 2 TG 115#, HSW 72ft, DU's 87 21st, WOD 3 29 reps 36th, WOD 4 57reps 47th. 

Phil Law – Overall place: 45th
WOD 1 22:53 58th, WOD 2 TG 105#, HSW 36ft, DU's 76 35th, WOD 3 28 reps 42nd, WOD 4 76reps 31st. 

Men's Scaled 

Jeremy Black – Overall place: 6th
WOD 1 16:35 3rd, WOD 2 TG 80#, HSW 36ft, DU's 34 13th, WOD 3 27 reps 8th, WOD 4 81reps 9th. 

Andrew Schwiesow – Overall place: 7th 
WOD 1 18:09 12th, WOD 2 TG 95#, HSW 12ft, DU's 92 9th, WOD 3 26 reps 10th, WOD 4 97reps 4th. 

Michael West – Overall place: 10th
WOD 1 16:42 6th, WOD 2 TG 65#, HSW 20ft, DU's 44 16th, WOD 3 29 reps 4th, WOD 4 59reps 18th.

Jordan Selzer – Overall place: 16th
WOD 1 19:56 17th, WOD 2 TG 65#, HSW 48ft, DU's 14 18th, WOD 3 24 reps 15th, WOD 4 78reps 10th.

Bob Brown – Overall place: 16th
WOD 1 16:36 4th, WOD 2 TG 43#, HSW 4ft, DU's 0 22nd, WOD 3 21 reps 19th, WOD 4 68reps 15th.

Team Division
CrossFit Verve team members; Andy Dutton, Tim Keefe, Nat Ridder, Sarah Levenhagen, Beth Guse: Overall place: 2nd
WOD 1 15 rounds 786 reps 6th, WOD 2 257 reps 5th place, WOD 3 131 reps 8th, WOD 4 20 points 7th. 

PLEASE Look at MindBody for this weeks holiday schedule changes!

Holiday party hint: Man came by the gym today to see if we had enough space for the velcro wall.


  1. Jeremy :

    RE: Holiday Party Hint- Copy; don’t wear anything fuzzy.
    Once again, an absolute killer job repping Verve by everyone involved in the 2011 MBS Turkey Challenge… and I mean, EVERYONE:
    From the Chans to Emmalee, Anna, Zink, Ryan, Chris, Robyn, Nate, Brooke, Amanda, Ali, Addie, Bob, Jordan Michael, Andrew, Trina, Tiffany, Slaughter, Phil, the awesomeness that is the Verve Team to Darika’s killer first competition performance, the effort was impressive and inspiring.
    Special thanks to Erin, John, Danni & all the other volunteers that made it happen without a hitch. The cheer squad(s) that showed up at every WOD heat deserve special recognition; you all provided much-needed encouragement and support! Jim, Joylyn, et. al., Thank You!

  2. Wish I could’ve joined ya’ll! Sounds like it was awesome and quite the Verve showing 🙂
    Congrats to all (voluteers and athletes)!

  3. Jim D. :

    Outstanding performances by everyone. I really enjoyed being on the spectators side, especially since I didn’t have to run with a plate or do handstand walks!!!
    I truly enjoyed watching each of you give it everything you had. Very inspiring.

  4. Leslie :

    So much fun watching and cheering. All of the athletes put forth some amazing effort and it was a great event.
    PS- about midway through I started shooting some short videos of the athletes and talked to Chris Slaughter about editing and putting to music. If anyone else has video- get it to Chris! He will do something really cool with it.

  5. Emmalee :

    Many thanks to MBS, the judges and volunteers heres a few more:Kyle was a parking assistant, Aaron was the camer man, Jenn, Amy, Holly, Leslie, Stef, Hana, Katie, Kiley, and Rich were outstanding supporters as well just to name a few more:)

  6. Erin :

    As always, I was so proud of all of the Ververs competing, volunteering and cheering. Everyone who competed gave it 100%, had great attitudes and cheered on their competition the entire time. An amazing group of people, for sure!
    I thought the holiday party would be fun, but now that I realize it’ll be ridiculous fun I’m really excited!

  7. NateRader :

    41:47 Rx (with vest)…also a pr even though i didn’t wear the vest last time.
    Also, I would like to echo all the comments applauding the volunteers, spectators, and athletes. This was my first crossfit competition and I was not disappointed at all. That was an incredibly awesome and fun day. I can’t wait to do another one already!

  8. Hanna K :

    So proud Tobie a part of the Verve family – congrats to all the athletes, it was inspiring and fun watching and cheering you on!

  9. Jim D. :

    48:38 rx with vest. Shoulders are on fire. Partioned Cindy style.

  10. bill :

    Congrats to everyone, im thinking trampoline to Velcro wall? And the mainsite pic today is my friends/coaches from cf mobile!

  11. amy k. :

    Watching everyone Saturday was definitely inspiring – congratulations, all. I’m in awe and need to get my a$$ busy if I’m going to keep working out in the same gym!
    By the way, you guys added an extra 0 to the pull-ups, push-ups and squats for today’s WOD… 😉

  12. David S :

    51:44 RX #20 Vest

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