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Thanksgiving day WOD, that's for a blast of a time folks!

Today at 7:30pm is our infamous nutrition lecture.  Come learn, relearn and get motivated to fuel your body for the hell you are putting it through in the gym.  Bring a friend, loved one or someone you don't like so much, either way ALL are invited and this lecture is free to the Denver community.

CrossFit Verve would like to introduce, CrossFit Mom's.

It's funny how our members keep getting hotter and keep havin' babies.  Over the last year we have seen more babies born of CrossFitting mommas then ever before.  While we can certainly accommodate momma or soon to be momma, in the group classes, we now have an additional option designed just for them.  

If you're currently pregnant for have had a child in last 3 years, we're talking about you. Starting this Friday, December 2nd at 10am we will hold our very first CrossFit Mom's class.  Coached by a real live CrossFit Mom, who knows the challenges you face going through pregnancy while training and getting back to it after the baby is born.  This will be a three day a week class, every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 10am.  If you are already a member at Verve, all you need to do it sign-up on MBO.  If you are not a member at Verve, but would like to join this class exclusively, please call or e-mail us to set up your first workout.  720-238-7783 or info@crossfitverve.com. 

This program is dedicated exclusively to pre-natal and post-natal women of all ages and fitness abilities.  Open to all of our current athletes at no cost, or to non-member moms via punch-card.  Bring your baby, up to the age of three.  No childcare will be provided, but music will be quiet and you’ll have the ability to take care of your child whenever needed.  This is a flexible and like-minded environment for busy moms with a unique opportunity to have your baby with you at the gym while they train.  Each class includes a warm-up, a skills training component, and an individually scaled workout with a focus on conditioning and strength.  Come and experience professional coaching in a supportive group environment.  Good for the body, good for the mind, good for your baby!


  1. James (O.G.) :

    Mmmm…. MILWWs. (Moms I’d Like to WOD With)

  2. Greg B :

    James that is some funny stuff!

  3. Leslie :

    Yay Moms! When will we have CF yoga?

  4. Leslie :
  5. David S :


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