Tuesday 111206


Three rounds for reps of:
1:00 Squat cleans, 155# (105#)
1:00 20' Shuttle sprints (20' forward + 20' backwards = 1 rep)
1:00 Deadlifts, 245# (165#)
1:00 Burpees
1:00 Jerks, 155# (105#)
1:00 Rest

Post total reps to comments.

Great people getting fitter.

A Rant worth reading – By one of your coaches Emmalee 

So I was on shift at the firehouse recently and we got into a discussion on food. By discussion I mean people were getting satisfaction out of attempting to get me to fall off the "health wagon" and onto the “Crap Food Dump Truck”, which quickly turns into the "Spirals out of control Semi”

It started like this, one of my Chiefs came in and informed me that he got my officer to eat a donut. I replied simply “Oh really, I love donuts too!”. He came back with “Yeah Mr. Health Guy ate a donut, I can’t believe he ate one, I got him to eat a donut, what do you think about that?!”  I told my chief we are humans, the problem is we will eat it them. That is why we try to not have that crap around the station. It’s not that I don’t like donuts and I have this magic switch that just can tune them out, I have to physically not be around them. My officer is notorious for throwing crappy food away (brand new cartons of ice cream) for this very reason. Our station at one point shared a fridge, freezer and cabinet space with all three shifts.  We would come in for our shift and for the first 10 minutes we would throw away ice cream, chips, cookies, pastries, and breads that were left over from the shift before us just so we weren’t tempted to eat the crappy stuff left behind. 

As it turns out that’s just what they want, they want other people to eat like they do. If people ask us about our paleo style diet we inform them, we give them info, websites, and recipes to enjoy and generally don’t push it on them.  So, how come the other side is more pushy than informative? How come they don’t provide me the research done on why I should eat donuts or cookies daily?  Let’s be real if there were legit data that says a cookie a day will keep the doctor away I would consume them daily without complaint. 

Back to the famous words of “I can’t believe I got him to eat a donut”.  Later when I told my officer what the Chief has said, he respond with this “ So what next, I can’t believe I got this guy to go into a fire without an air pack on?”  “I can’t believe I got this guy to drive all day without his seat belt on?”  “I can’t believe this guy started an IV without gloves on?”  “I can’t believe I tricked this guy into diabetes?”  “Oh, man I can’t believe I got that guy to smoke a cigarette.” ”I can’t believe I got this dude to sit around all day and not work out”.  One thought comes to mind; who wins in any of these situations? The guy that’s putting a life on the line by presenting these idiotic challenges or the guy acting on them?

Where is the line drawn, crappy food does as much damage to ones body as a cigarette can. Food is similar to the air pack that I must wear in hazardous conditions, it is vital to my survival, food is an essential need of this temple! Do you think this Chief of mine would put Carbon Monoxide into my pack instead of air for me to breath and operate from?  Then why does he feel the need to try and leave crap food around the station that will over time cause me lifelong problems that I won’t be able to escape?   

If you want to eat crappy food and feel good about bringing others down with you, that’s all on you. But just know that I get satisfaction watching your sad little face as I decline the donuts you have set in front of me after you have already eaten three or four yourself. I enjoy seeing your puzzled envious face when I explain to you why I eat what I eat, and why I chose to live like I do. So lucky for me, I choose to be strong, I will prove to you that I am stronger than that box of donuts that you leave on the counter, or your cookie cake that you want to leave behind, because I will not eat from the garbage and within the first 3 minutes of our shift that’s where it’s going. 

One who will live long, happy and healthy, diabetes free


  1. bjackson :

    This crap happens to me all the time….I feel your frustration and love the analogies!!

  2. heather s :

    Well said Emmalee, especially after yesterdays TED talk! I am interested in the outcomes of the MS/diet research & what your Chief’s HbA1c is in a few years!!!!

  3. luke :

    1.) Nice rant.
    2.) Dear lord, the WOD…like FGB on roids. Can’t wait.

  4. Jim D. :

    Whenever we have meetings at work they always supply donuts, coke and coffee. Thank goodness for the coffee. I watch people eat 2 to 3 donuts in an hour. I sure do miss cream filled Bavarian chocolate donuts, the nemesis of my adolescence.
    Today’s WOD is going to be fun right up until 1-2-3- GO!

  5. Greg B :

    2-3 donuts in an hour? Amateurs!
    Emmalee great rant and so true.

  6. Slaughter :

    Haha.. Yes.

  7. Jim D. :

    Just re-read my post, you’d think I was a Crossfit newbie.
    Make that 3-2-1- GO

  8. lynn :

    oh man, i really feel guilty now about my cookie baking this week now…this is what i give as ‘presents’ to my family. 🙁

  9. stef :

    Jim! Ha… I was about to ask who in the world was coaching you with 1-2-3 GO! Funny. You Games athlete you.
    Anyway, Em – love this! It’s weird how some people really get a thrill out of trying to get someone to fall off the healthy bandwagon. Maybe they do it bc it’s harder for them to dig deep and try what the healthier choice may be. So, thus, they make us fall to their level? Meh, not saying we’re better. But the choice to workout, eat well (let’s talk about sleep I miss because I’m busy cooking clean meals), etc. may be a big commitment. But our rewards are even greater 🙂
    Thanks for being the healthy cheerleaders friends!

  10. amy k. :

    Damn food pushers! I used to work for the CO Dept of Public Health, riddled with junk food, smokers, and overweight employees… If I requested a salad at a work function, I was teased and taunted. Years ago I was 75 pounds heavier and addicted to junk food – eating real food and choosing healthy behaviors saved my life and feels fabulous. I now try to instill that passion in my students… challenging, since I teach at a culinary school!
    Food pushers are a special breed of saboteur. Good for you, Em.

  11. bill :

    Agreed, that’s why I have a rule of no bad food in the house, cheat meals/items are a one portion thing. I get some of the same talk at work, a guy ordering a cheeseburger/fries the other day made a comment about my arteries while i washave ordering 4 eggs and bacon. Its crazy with all the technology and how easy it is to get information, that people are still so uneducated on food and what it does to your body.

  12. Hanna :

    For all the cookie monsters (like me) doing Paleo – check out White Lion Bakery’s “Paleo Power Muffin” baking mix – yum!!!!
    Well said, Emmalee!

  13. Leslie :

    Great WOD! Everyone loved.
    My office has doughnuts once a week- my rule is I am only allowed to have my favorite kind of doughnut- the Old Fashioned. They hardly make these anylonger- I haven’t had a doughnut in months!
    I get the food pusher thing. In college I lived with lots of female roommates with massive food issues. The guys would order pizza, the girls would take a slice and then just stare at it wanting more but never daring take another slice. One girl only ate hard candy, frozen yogurt, salad and bagels with fat free cream cheese. Amazingly she is still alive and did not die of malnutrition. I swore I would never just not eat and be hungry. Now I am learning it isn’t just how much but the kind of food that goes into my body. I’m putting a toe in. For the next challenge I am willing to put more in. The food pushers want you to fail- they want to say I told you so… that is why there are cheat days and if you fall off that horse- you get right back on. But I had bacon pancakes this weekend- friggin bacon pancakes!!

  14. Joanna :

    I knew a guy once who ate a whole dozen in less than 8 minutes! You might recognize him walking down the street jamming out to his jammy pack…NBD. Miss you guys!

  15. Matt :

    Don’t miss… come for a visit Joanna!
    People are evil when it comes to food. “Hey, come visit me in my hole of self loathing… I’ve got a doughnut for ya when you come!”
    …and FYI, I’ve probably eaten more doughnut this year than any of you. They are my cheat meal on every Saturday night (plus a pint or two of ice cream).

  16. Fact: people who want you to mirror their own bad habits just want to keep you in a “place” that they’re comfortable with. It’s intimidating to others when you do well.
    When you begin to change, it can get extremely uncomfortable for those around you. As a close friend of mine once warned me (when I was starting my weight loss stuff): there are some friendships/relationships that will be casualties of the process.
    Knowing this has helped me transition just a little bit better.

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