Tuesday 111213

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:

2 Rope climbs
20 Wall ball shots, 20# (14#)
200m Run 

Post rounds completed to comments.

Coming soon Verve's new Website, here is a sneak peek of outtakes from the new "Trainer Bio's" page, coming soon to a domain near you! 

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  1. that is seriously funny! “how’s my hair? You’re gonna have to git yers did bro!” you all must have had a pretty fun time putting that together. hahahaha

  2. Leslie :

    I give them what they want… then they leave. Priceless!

  3. i <3 our trainers/gym. i just watched all the interviews (i couldn't stooooop!) and was reminded why verve is amazing.

  4. greg b :

    Zac that is a tight weave! Thanx for giving us just a bit of insight into the people we already love!

  5. Keith :

    Did this shoot take, what, 4 hours?
    Funny stuff. Thanks.

  6. Jorge :

    holy class overload – today is the first day that I haven’t been able to get into the 4:30 AND 5:30 in the same day…

  7. CC :

    Jorge –
    I’ve been seeing the class numbers all day and wondering if people just like to climb ropes!

  8. Joylyn :

    Great job today Moms and babes!

  9. David S :

    4+8 #25 Wall Ball

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