Tuesday 112510

Five rounds for time of:
7 Squat clean, 155# (105#)
14 Kettlebell swings, 24kg (16kg)

Post time to comments.

Well worth your time.


  1. Ben :

    Awesome video. Love Taubes’ books.

  2. Ryan Harris :

    Great Video !

  3. bjackson :

    The huge bummer about this video is this guy is sooo….boring, which makes it difficult to listen to the one hour and ten minutes of blah…blah..blah till he statrs to talk about what is really important and then, opps so sorry you must buy my book in order to have this golden ticket to regulating your insulin.
    Maybe if these people could realize that this research and information is life saving and pivital to our awareness of our nutritional statis they would unload the greed wagon and get this out to the masses any way possible. If the human has never heard of such things it makes it difficult to hold them accountable when they are constantly bombarded with misinformation, free misinformation by the way, then how can they be expected to move forward and prosper.
    Information is power and utilized effectively could change the course of human development. So why isn’t it?

  4. Ryan Harris :

    I did not find him boring.
    For a more interesting version of the same info that doesn’t cut you off and try to sell you a book search the Bid Fat fiasco on you tube.

  5. Ryan Harris :

    The Big Fat Fiasco

  6. Cherie :

    I also don’t think it is boring, I find it fascinating. And while I 100% see where you are coming from Brooke, I don’t see it as him trying to sell a book, I see it as the punchline – insulin that is.
    I have to defend Taubes, merely because he is in fact not greedy at all, research is his profession. He spent 5 years writing that book and now not only has a cheaper version, gives lectures and video online for free (you don’t need the book to get the information), not to mention countless other non-profit endeavors I’ve seen by him and his team. I don’t expect people who spend their live researching the truth to then live impoverished, do you?
    I am grateful spent the time and wrote the book. It is research like this that will change policies and create programs for our society. You have to start somewhere.
    Again while I see where you are coming from, I think the aim of that passion is at the wrong individual. Do we damn Edison because all people do not have access to lights?

  7. Adam M :

    And here I am thinking it was just the pizza and beer.

  8. David S :

    13:50 RX

  9. Without watching the video, I could talk your ear off about what made me fat. All ya gotta do is ask. And I’m so totally not boring-that’s the story I like to tell myself anyway…

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