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Post weight to BTWB.

Jorge with great bar muscle up form.

Want to sleep better? How about feeling less tired? Want to get your brain working better? How about supporting your overall health? Magnesium will assist in all of the above.

Along with helping the above, Magnesium is also involved in over 300 biochemical reactions including; protein synthesis, calcium absorption, and the metabolism of Vitamin D.  That means it’s good for bone health.  

Charles Poliquin’s article, which this blog is referenced for, lists many reasons why you should make sure you are getting enough magnesium.  I present to you the three that resonated the most with me.

Sleep better.  I’ve written a number of posts on the topic of sleep and I’ve talked with a bunch of members regarding their tricks for sleeping better or their lack of good sleep.  Sleep seems to be a  popular topic whether you’re getting good sleep or not getting enough of it.  I’ve been adding magnesium to my daily routine for the past week and I’ve been falling asleep quicker and waking up better in the morning.  

Get Stronger.  This is a weakness of mine.  According to a study, a group of men were given magnesium as a supplement to go along with their training regiment while another controlled group only did the training.  The group that took magnesium improved strength vs. the controlled group that only trained.  

Control Stress.  Being stressed is terrible.  Magnesium helps lower your cortisol levels which can lead to a more relaxed state.  

For the full article and the rest of the benefits of magnesium click here.


  1. Ali :

    Holy Moly the Oly 6am class fills up fast! Any chance there will ever be another one added during the week during the 6am time?

    • CrossFit Verve :

      Hi Ali, yes the Oly classes are getting busy! We love to see that everyone is excited to do work, and will be adding some more classes as soon as our availability allows it. Starting next week, we’ll be having Open Gym hours on Tuesdays/Thursdays 3-4pm as well. But don’t worry, the AM slots are near and dear to our hearts! We may consider 530/630 am Oly classes instead of the ol’ 6am…thoughts?


  2. RYAN F. :

    I am loving the OLY morning classes. I would definitely not mind it being at 5:30 though, as it makes it easier with having work after. Just my opinion :)….AND is there a possibility of getting HD & CC as a 530am class as well??

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