Tuesday 120131

Five rounds for time:

12 Wall ball shots, 20#/14#
12 Toes to bar

Post time to comments.

Nat, getting some air time during warmer times.

Best Shape of My Life – Update!

A few of you have asked what it takes to trade in your black wristband for a red one.  Well, hard work, dedication to the challenge, or more quantifiably – 480 points.  By now, you have had the opportunity to accumulate 440 daily points and 60 weekly WOD points.  That means that there are 20 points to fudge with as of today.

If you have been killing the challenge and are ready to claim your red wristband, stop by the office with your log/spreadsheet.  If you logged your food, earned the points, you’ve earned the right to sport the red band.  If you see someone with a red wristband, offer them a sincere congrats and ask them how they did it.

Schedule Changes!

Evening classes are changing to 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, and 7pm.
Hot Dogs & Cup Cakes is going to have a set schedule on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 5pm and 6pm.
Saturday classes are changing to 10am and 11am.
The bi-monthly “intro class” is changing to 9am.


  1. everything about that picture is cool….especially the shadow. it’s so you, nat! nice…

  2. Slaughter :

    Nat is rad.

    12 & 12, no need to breath 😀

  3. Cherie :

    FYI there is NO Hot Dogs and Cup Cakes on the 2nd. It’s Matt’s birthday 🙂

  4. Rich :

    Will Mr Chan enjoy a cupcake on his birthday?!?!

  5. Jeremy :

    7:02 at station 63 with a few mods: Toes 2 rings and 16 wallball shots per round to make up for only having a 15# ball on hand.

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