Tuesday 120320

As many rounds as possible in 20:00 minutes of:

20 Double unders
15 Wall ball shots, 20#/14#
3 Power cleans

Post rounds and load to comments.

Bolars and JBlack warming up their hip flexors for HD&CC!

So why no sugar substitutes? 

Take for instance the dilemma of the diet soda.  Most diet sodas are calorie and carb free, caffinated, sweet and totally delicious (this can be debated).  At first glance, this sounds Zone perfect and a great alternative to that nasty water-stuff. 

Let’s start with a very basic principle of the Zone – hormone regulation.  One of the primary benefits of Zoning is the hormone regulation that results from eating a low-glycemic balanced meal.  By controlling your carbohydrate intake and monitoring the glycemic impact of your carb choices, you limit the amount of insulin released by your pancreas.  This maintains a neutral to favorable insulin sensitivity (as opposed to insulin resistance) and circumvents excess carb storage as fat.

Enter the sweetener.  Sweeteners are just that – sweet.  When your tongue tastes something sweet entering the mouth, it talks to the brain (specifically the hypothalamus) and says “Hey, here comes energy!”  The brain then says to the pancreas “Yo, dump some insulin because here comes glucose!”  And there it is – a big insulin dump, but all for nothing.  The body is now very confused and unable to effectively regulate insulin and all because of artificial sweeteners.  Not to mention all the other chemical processes that get thrown for a loop! Just say no to artificial sweeteners!


  1. Jeremy :

    What kind of weight should we be shooting towards on the power cleans?

  2. CrossFit Verve :

    HEAVY! It should scare you… I’d like to name a percentage, but I’m afraid athletes will limit themselves based on a percentage. It should be a weight that you can’t touch and go with. My 1RM power clean is around 305# and I’d try to hit 275# for 3.

  3. Ali :

    Oh man! Another 125 wall balls has these legs feeling SPICY!! Thanks Luke for a great class!

  4. Jeff :

    One of the websites you guys recommended in the nutrition lecture goes over a lot studies of the artificial sweeteners and if they increase insulin production or hormone levels. At best the studies are murky and show no consistent definitive proof that artificial sweeteners increase insulin production.


  5. Leslie :
  6. Darika :

    Because 150 wall balls last week wasn’t enough!
    Thanks Leslie, I might enter in that.

    People need to listen to their bodies on what to eat. Different people can thrive on different diets. My husband is losing weight by going out to eat less and eating more veggies, but still eating bread and pasta. It seems like if I even touch grains I gain 5 pounds even though the calories are the same as paleo diet days. Document what you eat and also how it makes you feel. We don’t have artificial sweeteners in the house, if I want sugar I will grab a hard candy. No sugar for me = meanie. Addictions are hard to break.

  7. NateR :

    Regardless of any studies showing there is an insulin dump or not, I say to hell with artificial sweeteners! They are…ARTIFICIAL! It’s just an excuse to stay addicted to sugar. I don’t trust something that is so many times more sweet than real sugar, but doesn’t provide at least any kind of energy. It’s just so unnatural people!

  8. David S :

    10 +23 #165

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