Tuesday 120410

Tabata squats
Run 1 mile

The only rest given before the run is the :10 seconds of rest after the last tabata work interval.

Post lowest score of tabata intervals and mile time to comments.

Name all the AM'ers in this picture.

Cheat Day Shenanigans

Cheat day, cheat day, when’s my next cheat day?!?  Bah humbug! Cheat days are for athletes that have their diets dialed and locked in place.  Cheat days are scheduled events that occur only once a week and vary in duration based on the need to satisfy urges to ensure a successful week.  If an athlete has not completed a month in the PaleoZone, free of cheats, you should not be thinking about cheating yet anyway. 

With that said, let’s break down a successful week that affords a cheat day.  Adhering to a 5 meal per day schedule, you are eating 35 meals a week.  To remain 90% PaleoZone, you can afford roughly 3 meals per week that are not PaleoZone.  Now do we recommend using all 3 cheat meals – NO!  We are using 90% as the lowest percentage that would still allow an athlete to see the benefits of a sound PaleoZone program. 

Here’s what we recommend to get the most of your cheat day.  First,don’t cheat the whole day – remember, you only have 3 meals to remain 90% PaleoZone.  Start your cheat day off as with any other day – a PaleoZone breakfast and lunch, and a PaleoZone post workout snack.  This leaves you with dinner and a midnight snack.  If you so desire, these are the two meals to cheat on.  Make them count – satisfy your urges, so that the rest of the week you aren’t craving anything.

By using this method, cheats are set to a schedule that you can count on and look forward to.  You are spending 90% of your week eating perfectly (otherwise it’s cheating, right?).  You are also satisfying urges that could possibly spell disaster if ignored.  Make a list of craves during the week and prioritizethem before going to the market to shop for cheats.  Again – 90% or bust!!!


  1. Jeremy :

    Aghhh! So many great athletes; I don’t know enough of them. I hereby pledge to introduce myself to far more people than usual. I’m truly stoked at how many great people attend Verve.

    The best advice I ever received concerning cheat meals I obtained from the man himself, Matt Chan. Matt advised me (back in the day) to keep the cheat meal/period to a 2-hour window, once a week, preferably on the same day. Do it-love it-then be done with it. Like Matt, I choose Sunday night as my primary cheat period. I’ve found that it works best for me… it’s predictable, fun, and an easy time period with which I can satiate my wicked pizza craving.

    Like a lot of folks, I am also a beer drinker. Er; DRINKER. However, I’ve relegated this activity to once a week. I treat it as my “floater” cheat meal, depending on what’s going on in a particular week with work, kiddos, friends, OHS days, WODs Berenstein attends, etc. I do not entertain alcohol whatsoever during any other time of the week. Consequently, I cheat exactly twice a week.

    Many thanks to the coaches at Verve for all of their help- without your invaluable direction and advice, I would be struggling with both diet and fitness. Today, I’m better at both.

    Thank you,


  2. Greg B :

    Did I just get thrown under the bus??? 😉

  3. David S :

    6:43, 19 tabata squats

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