Tuesday 120424

Two rounds for time:
50 Ring push-ups
15 Cleans & jerks, 155#/105#

Post time to comments.

There must have been a row before the run... James in front of Karim?

Tuesday April 24th, at 6pm we’re hosting another “Nutrition workshop” at Verve.  Whether you’re new to Zone/Paleo eating or have lost steam (and results), this is a great opportunity to get dialed in for these bikini body months ahead of us.  

We will review Zone and Paleolithic eating and discuss the foundations of a sound long term nutritional program.  We will discuss timing and frequency of meals, sizing and portioning of meals specific to you (your body measurements, your activity level, and your goals).  We’ll also build a day’s worth of meals and discuss how to make the most of every meal. Don’t forget a notepad, a pen and an open mind!

And now, a word from Dr. Starett about tennis elbow…


  1. NateR :

    Or it’s just Karim lapping James…..zing!!! He seems happy about it though.

  2. James (O.G.) :

    What are you saying here? Note that perfect figure four pose and the midfront strike! Admittedly, my hands should have been a little higher, but I was tired at that point.

    Also, I was ahead of Karim only because I did jumping squats instead of burpees and KB swings instead of pullups. Karim crushed that WOD.

  3. Andy Dutton :

    Whoa, this WOD mysteriously gained 40# overnight!

  4. David S :

    16:05 rx

  5. Karim :

    I appreciate the shot out, James.

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