Tuesday 120508

Five rounds for time:

9 Hand release push-ups
15 Double kettlebell swings, 48kg(32kg)
21 Double unders

Post time to comments.

Game faces!

What can happen in one weekend, or is it really years if hard work?

I woke up today swollen from the nights consumption of gluten and full of emotion.  What an amazing display this weekend.  As I think back over the last three days I have many favorite moments.  Some of the best ones involve watching our team work together to accomplish a common goal.  They made me so proud and so happy all weekend long.   Mad props to our eight athletes, competing or not whom all contributed to our Verve team having and 8th place finish overall.  Their best finish was in event 1 with a 4th overall in a time of 5:17.  Their biggest challenge proved to be  Event #2 with a 15th place finish in a time of 22:34.  They had victories and struggles, but what made me the proudest was their attitudes and commitment to helping each other.  Regardless of the outcome each and everyone of them had a smile on their face all weekend long and did whatever they needed to in order to make the team the best it could be.  I know this contributed to their success, no matter the challenge at hand, they took it on with courage, stuck together and charged forward.  Each athlete had a struggle over the course of the three days and each team mate had an opportunity to pick up the slack where needed. Whether it was Beth and Chris on their gymnastics , Anna and Nat on their strength, or  Sara and Francis on their speed.  Each athlete was able to shine and each athlete faced obstacles they couldn’t have completed without each other. They were so MUCH fun to watch! 

As far as the support and volunteers were concerns, it never cases to amaze me how wonderful all you people are.  We had so much help and so much love surrounding us that I felt like we were hogging it all and the rest of the world wasn’t getting any.  It means the world to all of us, the team and individuals that you take the time out of your lives to cheer, support, mobilize, set-up and humble each of us as you do.  Thank you so much for all your support. 

Emmalee Moore finished 4th place overall in Women only 1 place outside of qualifying for the World Games.  When I think about Emmalee I’m always just so proud to know her.  I didn’t get to see any of her workouts, but I think I’ll trade that to be alone side her.  She is so humble and has an ever present positive attitude.  Her spirit was obvious when she WON event #6, where she linked her 7 muscle ups showing she is not only one fit beast, but she will be going to the games in the future.

And so the season has come to an end for me and while it is bitter sweet, I am very happy.  CrossFit competitions show us what we are capable of and brings us closer to each other.  I never believed a few years ago I could have done half of what I did this weekend.  If the weekend does anything, I hope what it does is show people their potential.  No matter the age, no matter the injuries and no matter your current fitness level, you can heal and do so much more then you ever thought possible, if you choose to.  In 2008, the women’s deadlift was 185# for 15 reps, at that time that was the heaviest weight in the world to me.  Not to mention the shocker of a final wod of a 105# 30 rep squat clean and jerk.  I had never even put 105 over my head let alone 30 times, going into that WOD and low and behold, I did it.  CrossFit competitions continue to do that to us, push our limits, take us out of our comfort zone, show us what we can do.  If someone had asked me to program a 1 armed dumbbell snatch workout 3 weeks ago and inquired about a weight I should use for 40 reps, 70#’s would have been the farthest from my idea of doable.  But I did it.  I get better every year, because I’m pushed further.  That’s the allure, the addiction, to find your potential, to push beyond what you think is possible for yourself.  So thank you all for being a part of this experience.  

For those who went, competed or volunteered, what was your favorite part of the weekend?

Congratulations Matt on winning your third SouthWest Regional.  You inspire us all! Stay tuned to  watch his performance at the CrossFit Games 2012 in Carson, CA. 


  1. Patrick M :

    Well Cherie…. Being the humble person that you are you forgot to mention all of your accomplishments from your weekend. I think that 6th place overall, getting several PR’s, getting 3rd place in event 4, and even throwing down some funk before event 6 shows that you are one hot ticket that should be honored and revered. Being cool, calm and collected before each work out proved that your training this year gave you some super hero powers. I expect to see you in the games soon too. You rock.

    The whole weekend was a life changer. I never have shed a tear at a live sporting event, only watching the Olympics privately at home. But when I watched Anna fight for her last muscle up I was over come with emotion and so proud to be a part of such an amazing community. Thank you all!!!!

    • Mieszka :

      Thanks-you Patrick for saying the exact thoughts I had in my mind! Cherie, I’ve been doing Crossfit for two years, and have belonged to four boxes in my journey across the country. Not until I walked through those Verve doors, did I ever feel I had found the right box, the right coaches. So many of us are so honored to call you our coach, and I’m am so thrilled every time you yell at me to push my knees out, and so thrilled when you yell an enthusiastic HELL YEAH when I PR on a weight that you would scoff to lift. Thank-you so much for all of your encouragement, your awesome spirit, and for just being you. We love you!

  2. Carlita :

    My favorite part of the weekend was the feeling! The feeling of community, support, and strength. I love that Verve makes me feel like I’m apart of something great, besides of course being a mom! I felt such a great energy from the event it made me want more, all the time, everyday. Thanks to all the great people I’ve meet at Verve who inspire me to be better everyday!

  3. Beck :

    So proud of the Verve family…congratulations to all!

  4. rob b :

    The unfortunately limited portion of the regionals I saw reminded me of the best aspects of Crossfit – community in competition. While we’re all too often inundated with images and stories of poor behavior by pro athletes, there was no shortage of competitors and the crowd supporting one another. The grit and determination of competitors doing their utmost while in the lead (way to crush it Matt) or struggling to finish up (Matt Hathcock’s apparent struggle on event #6) are impressive.
    Nonetheless, despite a potential bias, I have to say my favorite part was the class and grace showed by our team members in both victory and disappointment. Cherie you made it look so natural to put supporting others ahead of your own disappointment (congratulating Emmalee on her domination of event 6 and cheering Matt) on that it would be easy to forget how hard that can be.

    Congrats and way to go to all the Verve competitors _and_ fans!!

  5. Sonja :

    I was very impressed and inspired this weekend, and I’m very glad I was able to be there for some of it. Congrats to everyone who competed. Whenever I’m feeling especially wussy in a workout, I will think of you and suck it up.
    Some memories that stick out in my head:
    -Matt riling up the crowd between his two 265# Snatch attempts
    -Watching Cherie squeeze herself through the crowd so she could “gently encourage” Matt during his workouts–no matter where he was
    -Emmalee kicking some butt on the last workout
    -And as Patrick already mentioned, watching Anna push for that last muscle-up, and then seeing the team all come together at the end

  6. bjackson :

    I was unfortunately unable to attend this weekend but I kept myself up to date with the media coverage. This, sadly, was not as fulfilling as seeing some of the most amazing humans I know flex their superpowers, stretch their consciousness, and prove that anyone with the tenacity and wherewithal can turn this mother out!!!

    Cherie asked me today what I found most inspiring about this weekend’s events. I know had I been there I would say, as other ververs have said before, it is the community that has been created out of a hodge-podge mix-mash group of individuals that otherwise would never really know each other let alone cheer each other on every day through every struggle and victory. Since I did not get to attend my answer was slightly outside of the norm. I feel, although truly astonishing, the men are not the highlight in these competitions. The women of crossfit blow my mind!! In order to fulfill the advanced physical nature of these movements and with such outstanding performances these women must overcome the natural development of their bodies and train the system to overcome years of evolutionary deficits. Now that is brilliant! Their magnificence is palpable. I am overcome with emotion that fuels my desire to be better, work harder, and inspire others as they inspire me.

    I am talking about you, Cherie. You are one of these creatures of pure lovely magnificence that creates an atmosphere of wonder and amazement where ever you place yourself. You make my soul cry out to soar to heights unknown to it previously. In this place of expanse and heightened awareness it is always nice to know someone is there showing you what is possible, or in your case that there are endless possibilities if you just reach out and grab hold of what it is you want.

  7. Ann A :

    I was at the competition for only a short time on Saturday, but long enough to see Matt, Emmalee, and Cherie show their incredible athleticism–I was in awe–I am still in awe! I was spying on Emmalee and Cherie warming up out back with Joylyn coaching them on, just before they displayed incredible strength, focus, and determination with the 70lb dumbell event–70 lbs????!!!!!!!!! Really???!!!!! I can barely lift those dumbbells…..Emmalee–WOW!!!! Cherie–WOW!!!!! And Cherie, watching you finish off those last few and getting the job done–WAS SO INSPIRING!!!!!! I had tears come to my eyes, like Patrick, so excited for you. Matt–AWESOME, INCREDIBLE, IMPRESSIVE BEYOND WORDS, SOOOOO COOOOOOLLLLLL!!!!! I couldn’t wait to brag to my bootcamp friends back in CA about all of you!!! I’m so sorry I didn’t get to see Verve Team in action, but I am sure it was as impressive as the individual events. I am so proud to be a part of Verve–you are all so inspiring, so humbling……so fantastically fabulous!!!!!! Congrats to you all!!!!!!

  8. David S :

    9:06 #40kg

  9. I agree. The feeling. It cannot be replaced.

    The feeling that we, as a family, all erupted with emotion when Emmalee and Cherie finished their last WOD. We were crying because we knew everything that everyone (the Verve team, included) had put into achieving just getting to Regionals. We know that keeping up with CrossFit is hard but taking it to the next level and all that’s involved is inspirational. And this, ALWAYS with as smile.

    I friggin’ love you people and I don’t say it enough. You guys did SO GREAT! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  10. Erin :

    Ditto to every amazing thing said above! This weekend was full of so many inspiring moments, yet each of you acted as though it was all in a day’s work. It blows my mind to see you COMPLETELY kick ass and immediately turn around and be so humble about it. I could go on and on, but I’ll just say that you are all phenomenal, and I am proud to cheer you on anytime!

  11. Zach H :

    Awesome weekend. It was great to watch everyone from verve at regionals, and like everyone states verve is so much more then a gym. It really is an incredible community. I am constantly impressed with the effort, quality and just genuine interest of all trainers at Verve. Probably the only reason I ever made it further than my record of 30 days of consecutive exercise before falling off of the wagon, and now I am actually excited to workout.

    Recently my travel schedule and busy workload has prevented me from not only going to Verve but just doing WOD’s in general. While I am still traveling I recently have made some time to do a WOD and went to Valley crossfit in Hollywood tonight. Someone told me that Valley crossfit is the best gym in the country, I almost laughed at them but tried to keep an open mind. It is a good gym, but it’s just a gym, Me Kristi always say how lucky we are for stumbling upon verve and it really has changed my life. The only reason we ended up there was because we used to always drive by all these people on 38th working out and we thought that this “bootcamp” would probably really get us into great shape, we had no clue what crossfit even was.

    And seriously when else, other then regionals, would I ever be able to return the wonderful gift of all the treats that Cherie always gives us!!

    Awesome representation from everyone this weekend!

  12. Julie H. :

    It was a thrilling, inspirational, and exciting weekend. I was truly honored to witness the excellent display of athleticsm, teamwork, and sportsmanship. The athletes competing for Verve and the community as a whole are just simply first class, top notch individuals. It has been a life changing experience for me and is truly a privilege to have Verve and the amazing support and guidance I get on a daily basis to be part of my life. Sincere gratitude and so much respect for Matt, Cherie, Emmalee, and the individual team members. You have done more for me than you’ll ever know.

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