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Clean & jerk

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Amy, happy about clean & jerks today

Building a Capacity 

We’ve all done it – jumped into something blindly with both feet without testing the water first …and we’ve all gotten burned because of our eagerness.  Surely, this sort of enthusiasm is admirable, yet we don’t encourage it due to the potential for injury.  

Take for example the GHD sit-up or the butterfly pull-up.  Without fail, athletes that have attempted workouts incorporating the GHD sit-up have found themselves undeniably crippled.  Others have pieced together fragments of a butterfly pull-up and completed a workout utilizing their new skill and paid the price with tenderized flanks.

The lesson that we’d like to impart in this little note that when you are learning a new skill, build a capacity over time.  Sometimes the stimulus elicits a response that you weren’t expecting.  But a wise approach to learning new skills would be to start with a relatively low dose of the stimulus and see how your body reacts.  As you get stronger and your body adapts to the stimulus, then think about adding intensity to the equation.  

Remember: having to recover from a mistake costs you time away from the gym and doesn’t make you any fitter.  Building a capacity over time makes you stronger and smarter.


  1. Jim d :

    I can’t sign up for a class, it wants me to buy a membership.

  2. CrossFit Verve :

    Darn – and we thought we had that fixed. We will work on it in the am Jim and shoot you an e-mail when it’s working. anyone else still having this problem?

  3. Sonja :

    I was just able to sign up for a class.

  4. Rich :

    I just signed up – it worked!

  5. Mel-B :

    Suggestion to accompany your building capacity post–could you post the WOD for the Crossfit Lite classes in addition to the regular WOD? Decisions, decisions! Thanks for all the great coaching!!

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