Tuesday 120522

On a running clock, perform one burpee and one 10m sprint the first minute, two burpees and two 10m sprints the second minute… until you are unable to complete the required work.

Upon failure, rest next minute and repeat the highest completed number of rounds until all athletes have finished.

Post completed rounds to comments.

Flying kettlebells!

Get Tanked!!!

Mark your calendars, we’re hosting the mobile hydrostatic body fat dunk tank on Friday June 1st from 6am until 6:30pm and again on Saturday June 2nd from 9am until 1pm.  This will be your opportunity to get an accurate assessment of your lean body mass, which can then be used in association with your activity level to prescribe the number of blocks you should eat per day.  Hydrostatic testing is far more accurate than anthropometric measurements, BMI, or skinfold caliper measurements.

If you’re interested, sign-up at the front desk at Verve and pay the initial $49.  Bring a swim suit and a towel to your appointment and stay for a little VitaminD afterwards.  All re-tests will be $35 after the initial test.  Of course, we’ll time the dunk tank days with a corresponding Nutrition Workshop, so that you can watch your body fat numbers fall.


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