Tuesday 120904

Five rounds for time:
15 Deadlift, body weight
2 Rope climbs

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Competitor’s Class FAQ’s

If I can’t do the Comp classes does that mean I can’t make the team next year?
Absolutely not. Everyone will have a chance to compete as part of the team for the 2013 CrossFit Games. However the comp class will be addressing a lot of individual weaknesses and there will be more competition specific programming and instruction that might give those athletes an advantage. Also, keep in mind that this class is put together to help athletes participate in ANY CrossFit competition. As the sport continues to grow, more and more local competitions will keep popping up. 

Why do I have to pay for the classes?
The $40 a month will go towards developing trainers, new equipment for the class, possible time at a gymnastics gym, and coaches’ time. With at least 2 of the classes during the week being 90min long, your monthly hours in the gym for just the Comp class is 16 hours. 16 hours / $40 = $2.50hr. That is less than a fancy coffee or a beer on Friday night. Athletes pay a minimum of $250/month for custom programming… that doesn’t include a class dynamic or actual coaching.  You’re getting the best of both worlds with the best programming at a fraction of the price.

What else will I receive?
Specialty programming. Specialty drills to address maximizing #’s and efficiency in any movement or linking movements such as muscle ups or kipping HSPU. Nutrition, mindset, and competition preparation. Consistently being pushed by some of the top athletes in the state.

Why a Competitors Class?
We pride ourselves on being a gym for everyone, and within our gym we have a great group of highly competitive athletes. Based on demand, we needed to put something together to address their needs to compete at a top level. Your commitment to the program is what will take you to the next level… and that’s all we can ask for.  

First class starts on September 12th at 8pm.  3-2-1-GO!


  1. Taylor Domengeaux :

    Will you be posting the comp programming to the website?

  2. Patrick M :

    What is the thought about doing oly lifting, hot dogs and cupcakes, regular WOD and combining it with the Competition Training? And is there an idea on what 3 days a week it will be? Thanks more questions I know.

  3. Scotty :

    I might of missed this one, but are all the comp. classes going to be at night at 8? Or will there be options on the days when classes are presented.?

  4. Scotty :

    Just thought I’ld mention…BTW hasn’t been updated in a few days.

  5. Kevin :

    Will there be Comp classes during the days or just at night… thought I’d ask for us night shifters

    • CrossFit Verve :

      Just at night and on weekend days. We can reach the most people with this schedule. Sorry about that. Most classes will be held during the week this month occurring at 8pm. The schedule will be in MBO by the end of the week, but it starts on the 12th at 8pm.

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