Tuesday 121002

For time:
800m Run
21 Right hand kettlebell snatch, 24kg (16kg)
21 Left hand kettlebell snatch, 24kg (16kg)
21 Handstand push-ups
800m Run
15 Right hand kettlebell snatch, 24kg (16kg)
15 Left hand kettlebell snatch, 24kg (16kg)
15 Handstand push-ups
800m Run
9 Right hand kettlebell snatch, 24kg (16kg)
9 Left hand kettlebell snatch, 24kg (16kg)
9 Handstand push-ups

Post time to comments or BTWB.

Eric Clancy new Verve full-time trainer extraordinaire!

Hello Verve Athletes-

Many of you know me but for those who don’t I figured I’d give you a little write up about myself.

I’m from just outside of Boston and grew up in a town called Wilmington.  I played sports growing up and in high school I played basketball and baseball.  After high school I went to a university in New Hampshire on a baseball scholarship.  After my freshman year I decided I also wanted to play basketball so I transferred to a school in Rhode Island that offered me the chance to play both…and after a year of playing both I decided I didn’t want to play either anymore so I dropped both sports and took up theater.

How I found crossfit.  I have two brothers and both of them are younger and in the NAVY so naturally we are very competitive.  One time when one of my brothers was on leave and staying with me in 2007 he introduced me to the main site of crossfit.  He told me how the workouts were designed with everyday application and that he and his NAVY buddies were doing these workouts and competing against each other.  I was hooked from there.  We began calling each other and comparing our times and weights.  I practiced crossfit on my own or with a few people I worked with but always in a regular gym that frowned up us dropping weights or us dropping to the floor as sweaty messes after we finished a ten minute workout.

I left Boston for Denver in the Fall of 2009.   I continued to practice crossfit in regular gyms until I finally signed up to be a member at Verve.  I’m really glad I did.  I’ve made a ton of amazing friends and walking into Verve is the best part of my day everyday.  I’m constantly reading and researching all things related to what we do whether it’s technique or nutrition.  I’m fully invested in making my role at Verve be all about you guys.  Anything I can do to help you please let me know.  I don’t know everything  but if you ask me to help then I’ll make it my priority to learn and pass it on.

I’m looking forward to starting at Verve in October and can’t wait to learn from our fantastic trainers and coach all of the amazing members at Verve.  Except Nat…that kid is un-coachable…


Eric being Eric, pretty bad ass! (Eric would like you all to know he did not write these captions!


  1. NateRader :

    Congrats Clancy!! love that Nat comment

  2. slaughter :

    I am very excited to have Clancy as a new Verve trainer extrordinaire. I can’t wait to see what additional things he’ll bring to the gym taking on his full time role!!!

  3. Patrick M :

    I would love to hear more about your theatre days. I can see you as the lead in Peter Pan.

  4. Emily :

    Congrats to you! I’m with Patrick…theater! That is awesome and explains your interesting personality…see you at the WODs.

  5. Ross :

    Congrats, Clancy!

  6. David S :

    Now I have to listen to his bullshit!

  7. Keith :

    Congratulations! I look forward to gleaning what I can from your experience and abilities. And believe me your theater experience will surely come into play. A lot of teaching involves acting like you know what you’re doing!

  8. Dave M :

    Maybe with your theatre experience you can show Tom Brady how to act like Eli Manning. Congrats on the new role!

  9. Scotty :

    Congrats Clancy! and you got it all right about NAT

  10. Matt :

    Very happy to have you Eric! Changing lives everyday!

  11. bill :

    36:18, felt like i was doing okay till the handstands. Congrats clancy, some of those comments cracked me up, especially keith!

  12. Anders Gronsund :

    Shoulder burner

  13. Maddie :

    Great to hear you're doing well.

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