Tuesday 121016

Ten rounds for time:
15 Deadlifts, 135#(95#)
15 Push-ups

Compare to: 110605

Post time to BTWB.

Ryan showing good high elbows!

With the holidays right around the corner many of us will be traveling.  While it’s great to get away and see family and friends, we often miss out on working out because we either don’t have time or can’t find a gym to work out at.  Travel WODs are a great way to get your workouts in and most of them require little to no equipment, only a timer and the willingness to give up a few minutes of your vacation.

Here’s a few of my favorite workouts that can be done just about anywhere:

10 Rounds For Time: 10 Pushups 10 Sit ups 10 Squats

For Time: 100 Burpees

4 Rounds For Time: Run 400m 50 Air Squats

There are plenty of resources online to find different travel WOD’s, but the best resource is to simply come up with your own.  Your trainers also have an amazing list of travel workouts in the office so feel free to ask for the list, write them down, and take care of yourself while you’re traveling.


  1. Rob B :

    travel is also a perfect opportunity for run or odd object training. Grab what ever heavy sh*t you can find and lift it!
    grab a chair for shoulder presses
    go for a run, stop, grab a rock and do some med rock cleans, or kettlerock swings
    as for a run, skip the watch or measured course. just go run easy and work on your technique

    let your imagination (and feet) run wild!

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