Tuesday 121030

With a 30 minutes running clock;
9-6-3 reps:
Shoulder to overhead, 205#(135#)
Bar muscle-ups
Rest the remainder of the 10 minutes

15-9-6 reps:
Shoulder to overhead, 155#(105#)
Chest to bar pull-ups
Rest the remainder of the 10 minutes

21-15-9 reps:
Shoulder to overhead, 95#(65#)

Post times to BTWB.

If you leave clothes at the gym, Tim Keefe will wear them!

Why I CrossFit by Jeremy Black

During the previous months, I was angry. I felt estranged from regular life. I had just
lost my Dad, and several family/friends followed at what seemed like an interminable
pace. Frankly, I was broken; disillusioned. I wanted no part of what normal people
consider to be: Life.

Nevertheless, I got in the gym. Regardless of the fact that my schedule negates the
possibility for me to show up as much as I’d like, I was present when possible. Why?
Because Scotty offered encouragement when I felt downtrodden. Because Courtney
corrected a movement that needed attention. Because Luke positively adjusted a flaw
in my technique. Because Joylyn genuinely cares about my fitness enough to coach me
during a brutal WOD. Because fellow WODers, totally unsolicited, offer and extend
encouragement where a mere “positive attitude” fell completely short.

In retrospect, I owe an enormous debt to Verve. In reality, you have all made my life
richer; stable, gratifying, and healthier. To that extent, I could not be happier with
my life and where I operate in it as a result of my affiliation with CrossFit. Truly, the
owners, coaches and athletes have combined to enrich my life beyond measure.

No words can express my gratitude.

Thank you,


*This Wednesday will be costume workout day.  Athletes are encouraged to wear costumes.  The coaches will be taking pictures and will vote on the two best costumes.  The winners will win a new Verve t-shirt, which will be in later this week.


  1. Scotty :

    And you push me to better myself beyond what I think is possible. Thanks Jeremy for helping to continue to inspire us all!

  2. Rex :

    Great post Jeremy! I couldn’t agree with you more.

  3. Jim D. :

    Excellent post Jeremy. You’ve always been there for me boosting my ego at every turn. You’re a great member of the Verve family. Life is good!

    Good luck today Courtney, you’ve got two of Denver’s best fixing your shoulder.

    Sitting here at 4:30 showered, dressed and nowhere to go. My student is stuck on the east coast. Can’t do any of today’s WOD so I think I will visit the main site and do a special version of Kelly with a weight vest since Wall Ball aren’t on my list of cleared movements.

  4. Tim Keefe :

    If you forget to pack a shirt in your gym bag, Clancy will talk you out of buying a new verve shirt, tell you to put clothes on from the lost and found and then take a picture of you and post it on a website…..sweet!

  5. slaughter :

    i love jeremy + tim keefe.

    This WOD made me do a double take.

  6. Scotty :

    whatever Keefe? Give your little sister her clothes back

  7. Jeremy :

    Thanks, everyone! I appreciate all of your kind and encouraging words. In case you missed it, here’s a great article written by Julie Foucher about goal setting and balancing life/Med School/C-Fit: http://juliefoucher.com/. Definitely worth the read. Thanks!

  8. Erin :

    All of you guys rock! Verve is my happy place, too. You all make the world (I assume it’s the entire world, not just mine!) a better place. Love all of the love here!

  9. Leslie :

    I agree! I love the Verve family, In a world where we spend so much time away from the people we love or just sending emails or talking on the phone it is wonderful to see people every day who cheer you on.

    btw… when I forget my shirt I like to have “sexy” WOD- haha.

  10. Jeremy, you rock! A great post and I totally agree. Each person offers different and valuable things. Sometimes things we don’t often know we need at the time. I could write a book on the differences made in my life by this family… <3

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