Tuesday 121113

Deadlift 225#(155#)
Pull Ups
Then 100 Sit-Ups

Who doesn’t love accessory work!

Do you consider yourself resilient?  Can you keep going no matter what gets thrown your way?

Resilience can simply mean having the strength to get through a patch of rough weeks or bounce back from illness or injury.  How many times have we woken up and felt a little under the weather, but come in for a workout only to leave feeling that much better?  I know I have.  That one hour at the gym can make all the difference in how I feel.  I may not have wanted to go but once I’m there and participating, I’m glad I decided to suck it up.

How do we become more resilient?

Exercise is key.  When compared to rest, a 30 minute block of exercise was better at reducing anxiety as measured by the subjects response to stress inducing images.  Regular exercise produces a psycho-biological impact that helps reduce stress and overhauls the way we respond to stress.  Over time exercise makes us all more mentally resilient.  Being socially connected is also important to ones well being.  That’s the great thing about our community.  Not only do we push ourselves in the exercise department, but we are also very close in the social department.  The group of people that show up to cheer our athletes on in competitions proves that we get so much more from being a member at Verve than just an amazing workout.

Resiliency isn’t a fixed capacity nor do we have an indefinite amount of it to rely on.  We are always becoming more resilient through the relationships and engagement we keep in life.  What we do on a day to day basis strengthens our resiliency.  Coming to Verve every day and working your butt off and then socializing with your friends and fellow athletes are steps in the right direction.  Things in your life may not always be going perfect and sometimes a quick workout isn’t the solution, but I know most times I’m leaving the gym I feel better than when I walked in.  



  1. Tiff in Korea :

    so true. verve has been the rock through a lot of stuff, as long as i could get my butt through the door. =)

  2. um, yeah. My wrist sprain really got me down and I took too much time off and I had a real shitty day at the gym yesterday and felt terrible. But I’m coming in today and I’ll get strong again. Shitty days and stupid injuries go to hell.

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